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There are three types of males: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alpha males are at the top of the social hierarchy, and Omegas are at the bottom. The majority of men are Beta males. 'Alpha' does not mean inherently, or even morally 'superior' it just means at the top of the social hierarchy, which may be corrupt, or too stratified.

Alpha males[edit | edit source]

Alpha males have dominating personalities. The alpha male is the kind of man whom everyone listens to when he speaks. Alpha males are typically very good looking. Around 10% of all men are alpha males. The average alpha male has had dozens of lays by the time he is 20.

It can be used to describe a wide range of men, some who would be well respected anywhere, and others who would be considered losers in most spheres, but are sexually successful with women.

When the term "alpha male" is used in the dating sense it usually means a man who is sexually successful regardless of other factors, though this usage is disputed.[1] It is possible for an alpha male to be sleazy, manipulative, aggressive, or abusive.

It is possible under certain circumstances that alpha males are not chads, for example, Adolf Hitler was undeniably an alpha male, despite not being a chad (some even speculate that he may have died a virgin).

It is also not always guaranteed that an alpha male will be alpha in every environment he is in, a high school jock for example may be an alpha in his school, but descend to the lower portions of the hierarchy once he leaves highschool (aka he peaked in highschool), likewise a slayer chad may take a back seat and effectively assume the role of beta or omega temporarily if forced into a situation he wouldn't normally find himself in, such as a D&D session with only male players.

Traits associated with alpha males[edit | edit source]

These traits describe qualities that alpha males possess. A man can still be an alpha male without having all of these traits. Some alpha males have mostly positive traits, while others have mostly negative traits.

Positive traits

  • Charming
  • Good-looking
  • Powerful
  • Respected
  • Monied
  • Outgoing
  • Sociable

Negative traits

  • Sleazy
  • Aggressive
  • Manipulative
  • Abusive
  • Intolerant
  • Bullying


  • Fortune 500 CEO who marries a model
  • Rockstar with groupies
  • Almost any popular athlete
  • Pretty boy who knows how to wrap women around his finger
  • Poor guy with seductive skill who effectively has women be his provider

Beta males[edit | edit source]

Beta males are followers; they are subservient to alphas. They often pick up alpha social skills from their alpha friends, so they sometimes may appear alpha to female bystanders. They also generally bribe women with resource/job security. For these reasons, beta males do sometimes get laid. Around 85% of all men are beta males. The average beta male has had 5 lays by the time he is 20.

Omega males[edit | edit source]

Omega males are both inept leaders and inept followers. They often have little to no social circle. Omega males often suffer from Asperger's Syndrome. Around 5% of males are omega. Most omegas are still virgins by the time they are 20.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

Some have alleged that the Alpha/Beta/Omega hierarchy is illegitimate in that it bases sexual success too much upon behavior and status instead of looks. Looks theorists suggest using the Slayer/Incel hierarchy instead.

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