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The decile scale is a scale almost everyone uses to rank looks. The decile scale goes from 1 to 10.

It's not at all a "crazy incel invention" as scales for rating attractiveness have been around for at least a century[1] and calling someone a "nine" or "ten" is extremely common lingo.[2] The decile scale was popularized by the shitty film "10" in 1979[3] and by the rating website "Hot or Not" in the 2000s.[4]

In detail[edit | edit source]

In common usage, the decile scale is only about looks as people care the most about looks in a potential partner at first[5] and even though looks are at most only weakly related to other desirable traits.[6]

Decile Males Females Experience
10th Gigachad Gigastacy Sex tents
Tutorial mode
9th Chad Stacy, Megastacy
8th Chadlite Pretty Boy Stacylite Betabux
7th High-tier normie High-tier Becky
6th Brad Normie Becky
5th Tanner
4th Melvin Low-tier normie Gertrude Inceldom spectrum,
NEET, sexual frustration
3rd Incelish Semicel Failed normie Femcelish Ugly Becky Emcel
2nd Incel Femcel
1st Truecel Omega male Truefemcel, Omega female Hikikomori

People often disagree whether someone is a 5 or a 7, but they agree more about who is a truecel.[7] Nonetheless, a 5 will always be in the 5th decile when averaging many ratings.

PSL scale[edit | edit source]

Another scale is the (unecessary) PSL rating scale which goes from 1-9. The "advantage" of an odd-numbered scale is a middle option, but it just ends up confusing everyone. Therefore hardly anyone uses the PSL scale.

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