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The sampo generation is a south korean term for the giving-up-generation, an extreme form of the Blackpill and decribes people that have given up traditional things. Because Incels can't find a relationship they don't even reach the sampo sedae stadium and some give up the next stages because they have no motivation for it it anymore.

The forms of giving up[edit | edit source]

Name Meaning No. item
Sampo sedae Three giving-up generation 1 Courtship
2 Marriage
3 Childbirth
Opo sedae Five giving-up generation 4 Employment
5 Home ownership
Chilpo sedae Seven giving-up generation 6 Interpersonal relationships
7 Hope
Gupo sedae Nine giving-up generation 8 Health
9 Physical appearance
Sippo sedae/

Wanpo sedae

Ten giving-up generation/

Complete giving-up generation

10 Life

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