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Hedonophobia is a phobia whereby one is afraid to experience pleasure or fun. It is one of the causes of mentalceldom. A person who suffers from hedonophobia is called hedonophobic.

Sex-based hedonophobia[edit | edit source]

One such sex-based form of hedonophobia can derive from a prudish upbringing. Prudishness means a social code which centred on sex-negativity. There are some intellectuals who proclaim that the growing up in a prudish household doesn't have long-lasting side-effects. These intellectuals who also refer to themselves sexologists, suggest that celibacist and puritan values ingrained during childhood can be outgrown to eventually overcome such sex-negativity which was sustained during one's impressionable years. However in reality this really depends on how severe the sex-negativity was. Examples of extreme forms of prudishness whilst growing up includes telling one's children they should refrain from any interactions with the opposite sex until finishing their degree. This may inculcate a fear of the opposite gender. Such prudishness would be especially extreme if this individual has taken on a range of extracurricular activities over the course of their studies.

For example, such students may decide to take a sabbatical or gap year(s) in their studies, or they might seek some work-life balance, such as taking an overseas break for a while. Other students may attempt to fund their studies by working for a few years, or even partake in volunteer work in an attempt to discover who they are. Now imagine that this student does eventually graduate in their preferred field of study. Overall, this may eventually result in an elongated period of studying, which for some students means they won't fully graduate until their tricenarians. And then, they may need to get a few years of work out of the way until they eventually dispense with their student debt and finally manage to balance the budget. As such, it is easy to see why such indoctrination of "don't date until you've finished your studies" is a form of psychological abuse by parents.

Human beings are creatures of habit and it becomes difficult to overcome a habit if it has been ingrained into you over the course of several decades. Although the aforementioned scenario seems ridiculous, many men and women grow up in such households. Although it is true that for some, they have the ability to undo or reverse the psychological impact of prudishness, for others, it eventually leads to a kind of learned asceticism, i.e. habitual abstention from indulging in natual inclinations such as the sex drive. if this habitual asceticism is focused on abstention from sex, this may naturally evolve towards habitual degenitalization. Ingrained degenitalization means that you've become so used to the futility of one's sex organs, that over time, you have learned to be more comfortable in not using it rather than using it - hence adult degenitalization and thereby adult mentalceldom.

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