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Voice is the sound produced by humans to communicate in a speech or a song. Together with the looks, charisma and game, voice creates the ethos of a person.

Attractiveness[edit | edit source]

According to many studies, male voice is considered more attractive and masculine when it's low pitched, in fact a low-pitched voice is a male sexual dimorphism and is connected with high-testosterone levels.
In the same way, female voices are considered more attractive when they are high-pitched, sign of high estrogen levels. According to a 2006 study, people with an attractive voice are likely to be judged more physically attractive.[1]

Interestingly, when rated separately, the attractiveness of voice and face are not correlated, so someone with a beautiful voice can easily have an ugly face and vice versa.[2]

Voice-related inceldom[edit | edit source]

Men who have high-pitched voice are likely to be perceived feminine and betas, thus a bad voice may be a determinant factor in inceldom. A high-pitched voice is not the only cause of voice-related inceldom: men who stutter are very likely to be rejected by women, who percieve stuttering as a disability.

Connection between aesthetics and voice[edit | edit source]

A protuded maxilla is the key to have an attractive face in both genders. Moreover, a protuded maxilla also has an impact on voice; in fact, people with projected maxillas have a bigger vocal chamber which provides them a more attractive voice

Voice looksmaxxing[edit | edit source]

Anabolic steroids make male voice more low-pitched, if they are taken for multiple cycles.
In Looksmax.me some users have proposed a technique called 'vocal cord stretching' to get a deeper voice.

There is even a relatively cheap and safe surgery to deepen your voice, thyroplasty.

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