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Female solipsism refers to a common belief or observation, that claims that women are incapable of interpreting concepts or events in ways that don't refer to their own experiences, ego, or self-interest, especially when it comes to matters concerning reproduction.

Thus, according to this theory, women in general are said to have a greatly diminished capacity for self-reflection and objective reasoning, compared to men. It also implies an innate childish tendency towards female entitlement and narcissism, and a disregard for the truth. The term "solipsism" traditionally refers to the philosophical concept that states that oneself is the only consciousness in the universe. Writers in the manosphere adapted this idea, and coined the modern usage of the term to imply, that like the philosophical concept the term refers to, women see the universe as ideally revolving around themselves and their reproductive and material interests.

Causes of female solipsism and sneakiness[edit | edit source]

A number of causes have been suggested:

  • Among men there is an underlying physical threat of fist fight that civilizes discourse and prevents men from being cuntish. Slapping a woman is culturally prohibited, so with the lack of a threat, women can go crazy without bounds.[1]
  • Women are cute looking, physically weak[2] and emotionally unstable, so nobody likes to confront them with the harsh truth that they are wrong as men's innate instinct is to protect them.
  • Men are drawn to women much more than vice-versa, and the resulting sexual frustration might drive men to agree with everything a woman says only to get sex from her.
  • Besides the lack of corrective feedback (the three points above), women might also have evolved to keep everything in the vague and to maintain overall peace & harmony over fighting out the truth. This tendency can be seen in women scoring higher in agreeableness, preferring egalitarian policies, but may also be related to making sure the offspring is fed. Being physically weak, women more likely need to resort to harmony. Keeping things vague and outside of their responsibility enables them to easily squash unwanted sexual approaches despite being weak. It presumably also helps to prevent aggression against them by rejected males.
  • Women are also known to have a fierce and manipulative way of intrasexual competition that is mainly concerned about a reputation of faithfulness and beautiful appearance,[3] which may predispose a disregard for the truth.
  • Solipsism appears to be a particularly childish trait, associated with the expectation that one is being cared of and bears no responsibility. Some of this is likely due to the preferential treatment they typically receive, some of it is likely innate. It could be (like Schopenhauer claimed) that women are childlike is because women are adapted to take care of young children, so they are more similar to them psychologically and this helps them relate to them. It could also be (like Dutton suggested), that men repeatedly choose agreeable, childish, obedient women and hence easier to control and hence less likely to cuckold them. Indeed, one sees women to be heavily controlled and sequestered away in many cultures. Islam and Purdah are good examples, Chinese foot binding, and so on. The ancient Greeks kept their women locked up 24/7 (apart from the more feminist Spartans). Even the parents, especially mothers, of men are often also interested that the women they marry are faithful, as the entire family wealth is invested into the offspring, thus contributed to such subordination.[4][5] Such behavior can plausibly also be adaptive by kin selection. Only speaking of patriarchal practices here is hence a highly provocative and one-sided view (though women themselves do not seem to be reluctant to being subordinated, if needed with force, as the prevalence of hybristophilia and female preference for psychopaths suggests. Women are indeed more likely to initiate partner violence than men.
  • Points raised above should predict women become less solipsistic the more responsibility they take on, however modern emancipated women appear to reach never seen levels of solipsism, so more likely more freedom of choice simply exposes innate tendencies even more.

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