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An uglycel is someone who attributes their inceldom to their unattractiveness.

Incelosphere[edit | edit source]

The majority of involuntary celibates are unattractive. But there is a misconception in the media that the bulk of cybercels and incelospherians are average or good-looking due to selfies on semi-incelospherian forums such as r/truerateme or r/incelselfies. The cause of this misconception is that the few cybercels that have shown their face either to the press or on rating threads do not look too ugly. But this form of analysis neglects to consider the confidence bias which means that only those most confident in their looks reveal themselves. These alleged emblems of inceldom are usually high-tiered mentalcels and are thus unrepresentative of what the average person on the inceldom spectrum looks like.

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