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Trannymaxxing, also known as transmaxxing, is the act of transitioning to another gender in the hope that it may help you to escape inceldom. There have been a few case studies wherein trannymaxxing has been proven to be a successful element in deincelization. Trannymaxxing which involves surgery is similar to castratemaxxing except that the latter has the end goal of volceldom and doesn't involve a gender change.

Forum[edit | edit source]

There is an entire forum created by Vintologi dedicated to help involuntary celibates escape inceldom through trannymaxxing: transmaxxing

Case studies[edit | edit source]

Leslie[edit | edit source]

One such incel-turned-transgender who has contacted one of the writers at Incel Wiki has elaborated on this situation. However since she has asked not to be identified, we at Incel Wiki will avoid naming her as well as avoiding directly quoting her by slightly altering her account. Lets call her Leslie. Although Leslie was born male, she began to try to pass as a female, initially by tucking, using a gaff (device that hides the mooseknuckle), cleavage enhancement, hip and buttock padding, crossdressing and using breast prostheses; later by going through a physical transition. Leslie felt that her penis and balls were useless body parts that served no purpose. The pointlessness of her male genitalia is what triggered gender dysphoria in her. Leslie did this because she struggled to gain the attention of women. She believed it wouldn't be too difficult to change gender identity as she already had a small frame, and had minimal secondary sexual characteristics. She specifically said that being male "sucked" because of the prolonged sexlessness. She also said that if she had not altered his/her gender identity, the trauma of inceldom was so bad she considered going to Belgium or Switzerland as these two countries are considered the easiest places for entering a "mercy killing" or "suicide tourism" arrangement. In Leslie's words, the research they had done suggested both countries were considered the "euthanasia capitals" of the western world. Transitioning made Leslie change her mind. She began to understand why prostitution is usually a 1-way street of men buying sex from women; not the other way around. Its because of the mismatch in demand, Leslie posited. Becoming a woman she learnt first-hand that the ease of access to sex was as different as night and day between men and women. Women are stupendously privileged in this regard as Leslie soon found out. Leslie decided to transition because she wanted to experience this female-specific privilege for herself. After changing gender identity, she had no difficulties attracting partners of either sex. Leslie was no longer lonely. She specifically said, and emphasized, that she would have never transitioned had it not been for the inexhaustibility of male inceldom. Leslie felt that some her earlier traits as a male, which made her repulsive or off-putting to potential suitors, such as shyness and awkwardness, suddenly were seen as tenable traits in the dating scene. Leslie's transition according to her e-mail has been successful and she now happily lives as an allosexual sex-having passing transwoman. According to Leslie, from her tweens, to her teens and during early adulthood she was completely a cisgender man. Only once Leslie reached their tricenarian years did they begin doubting the viability of their gender with regards to prolonged loneliness, thus subsequently decided that transitioning to a woman was the right choice.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The Leslie case study above shows how dramatic inceldom can be to a man's quality of life. Inceldom can in fact make a man feel so gloomy, that some involuntary celibates feel that despite being comfortably cisgender one's entire life, they suddenly feel gender dysphoria in the midst of one's adulthood. Feeling like their genitalia don't belong. Like having a penis is liability and disadvantage in the dating scene. That being male makes one unprivileged in the dating scene. As of 2019, no studies have been done yet on the pathway from inceldom to transgenderism, but the Leslie case study shows that this pathway does exist. How much of today's transgender population are formerly incel? We don't know ... yet.

While we can never know for sure, mainstream culture is becoming more aware of the "incel to trans pipline". From late Febuary to early March of 2021, the viral trend of Super Straight was created to critique the tendency of trans women to call people transphobic for finding them unattractive. Straight, gay and lesbian redditors on the short lived r/superstraight, voiced how much they hated the trans community for trying to guilt them into having sex with them. While some members of the trans community were understanding towards 'Super People' the significant outrage from trans women implies that a large percentage of vocal trans activists most likely were /are incels.

Remy[edit | edit source]

Remy is another former incel who has corresponded online with one of the writers at Incel Wiki. As Remy has asked to remain unidentified, we will avoid excerpting Remy's texts directly. Nonetheless, it will be paraphrased closely enough that it retains its original meaning

  • (interviewer) Are you involuntarily celibate?
    • (Remy) Not now no. I lived as a cishet male incel up to the age of 27. I felt deincelizing was an uphill battle I wasn't going to win. As such, I assumed my feminine facial features would make me passable as a woman if I transitioned. I haven't been incel since becoming a woman.
  • (interviewer) How did you escape inceldom?
    • (Remy) Well ... I always had this inclination that women had it much easier in the dating scene. Having transitioned to being a woman, I realized that my previous inclinations were correct.
  • (interviewer) Are you still attracted to women?
    • (Remy) Post-transition I have dated both men and women but lean more towards androphilia. Since I have undergone treatment in order to acquire the physical characteristics of a woman, I feel my body is designed to accommodate a male. However, even during the waning years of me being a male, gynophilic attraction began to decline due to the incessant amount of romantic rejections from women I had gone through.
  • (interviewer) Was inceldom the main reason you transitioned?
    • (Remy) Yes. During my teens, the thought of transitioning didn't even occur to me. I felt totally comfortable being male. But sex and intimacy were important to me. I genuinely felt undateable as a man and loneliness can make some people like myself take drastic measures.
  • (interviewer) Do you know anyone else who went through the incel-to-transgender pipeline?
    • (Remy) No. I don't personally know anyone else who went through the incel-to-trans pipeline besides myself.
  • (interviewer) What does trannymaxxing mean?
    • (Remy) It basically means to do what I did. To transition in the hope of entering a romantic relationship afterwards.
  • (interviewer) Were you ever hesitant to go through with surgery?
    • (Remy) No. I was already pretty short, and had quite a feminine face, so I felt the transition wouldn't be so hard anyway. I also knew for a fact my life would improve, and it did.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Remy's situation seems a bit different to Leslie. Whereas Leslie transitioned because they eventually developed gender dysphoria, Remy doesn't seem to have had gender dysphoria. Leslie appeared to feel exceedingly uncomfortable at the fact that she had male genitalia. On the other hand,

Further[edit | edit source]

Gender Critical reception of transmaxxing

Unsurprisingly, incels transmaxxing into women's spaces to escape inceldom drives radical feminists up the wall.

The phase "trancel" is commonplace in gender critical spaces, like Ovarit, demonstrating that a lot of radical feminists and lesbians are aware of transmaxxing and do not look upon it favourably. Gender critical writer 'Glinner' has written several articles on what he sees as trancel culture, blaming what he calls "incel rhetoric" for shitty trans behaviour[1] The trans and lesbian community have a poor relationship with one-another. In mid 2020, any lesbian subreddit which excluded trans women was banned for hate speech. The largest lesbian subreddit remaining, r/actuallesbians only has 1 cis lesbian as a mod, the rest are all trans. All other cis lesbians mods were removed for 'transphobia'. Most of it's users are trans as well, based on subreddit crossover data[2]. This throws into question the viablity of becoming a 'transbian' when most lesbians, and indeed most cis people, would not date a trans person.[3] Radical feminists often classify transmaxxers as being "AGP", short for autogynephilia[4], ie men with a fetish for becoming women. However gender critical / TERF rhetoric is not particularly mainstream outside of the UK but this many change in the future, especially if more people like Jessica Yaniv are discovered. Normies are not really aware of trans maxxers but rad fems are and often foccus political efforts to try and place limits social or medical limits on them.

Overall, being a 1 or a 2 male will mean most women will avoid you like the plague. However, Transmaxxing further limits your dating pool to only lesbians and bi women. It also requires permanent life altering surgeries / hormones which have a history of going badly (see 'dilation' or 'neovaginadisasters'). While there are case studies of success, remember that the best looking trans women have tens of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery. Taking the pink pill is a one way trip. You might hate your body but consider if it worth altering it to such an extent with off-precription drugs or plastic surgery. Choose carefully.

Case-studies[edit | edit source]

Attempts[edit | edit source]

Here are some examples of people whom have tried trannymaxxing:

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