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Fake depression is a common meme in the manosphere that suggests that women's depression is often trivial compared to men's depression. Women's depression has a childish character and should not be paid attention to in the same manner as a crying child not getting what it wants does not warrant attention.

Depressed women's problem is seen to be too high standards and to be mostly about not getting the dominant man they would like to have. Female depression also seems to be often rooted in their solipsism.

Sex differences in suicide[edit | edit source]

It is myth that women have more suicide attempts.[1] Instead, women generally choose less effective methods of suicide, so they end up trying it more often being less successful at it (just like with most other things). Feminists commonly attribute this to more empathy with their bereaved relatives and friends, but it is more likely once more evidence of women's lower drive to get anything done beyond producing offspring and crying for help.

Men are much more likely to commit suicide when being widowed at young age.[2]

Men are very likely to have more difficult lives on average as they are over-represented among the lowest economic strata[citation needed] and take on more dangerous jobs.[citation needed]

Neuroticism[edit | edit source]

Cross-culturally, women score higher in neuroticism (emotional instability and sensitivity to negative emotion) on average with a difference of d = 0.40 (especially in the facet anxiety, d = .56),[3] but results obtained by questionnaires may underestimate sex differences. Adult women cry on average 4 times as often and more intensely (d > 1.0).[4] These crying patterns have a more childish character in line with overall neoteny, presumably selected by males preferring women that are easy to control and hence less likely to cuckold them. Conversely, men have been selected for combat, hunting and stoicism.[5]

Historically, there was a lot of concern about women faking their tears.[6]

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