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The dogpill is the fact that women like to have sex with dogs more than incels.


Women's genitals are naturally stimulated by a wider variety of things than men as measured by Meredith Chivers, Ph. D., an assistant professor of psychology at Queens University in Kingston. This included all images of animal coupling they were exposed to: including e.g. Bonobos.[1]

There are more internet forum threads with women describing sexual attraction to their own dogs than there are websites with women describing their attraction towards male virgins.

Women prey on dogs[edit]


Some women will die just to fuck dogs[edit]

Emergency room personnel are sometimes the only people to bear witness to the fact that a zoophilic act has occurred[2]

Obsessed with dogs[edit]

Screenshot 2019-04-19 17-07-03.png
Screenshot 2019-04-19 17-16-01.png

Secret Language[edit]

Femoids have a special language to describe intimacy with dogs. For example, intercourse with dogs many femoids call, "knotting". Don't ask why.

Atomic dogpill[edit]

There currently exists 0 forum posts about female attraction to incels or male virgins... dogs however...

Screenshot 2019-04-19 18-07-20.png
DScreenshot 2019-04-19 18-06-47.png


Unfunny attempt at a redditified incel community to "meme"; a covert attempt to delegitimise the arguments involuntary celibates have against society at large. See /braincels/.

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