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The dogpill is a subset of the blackpill that suggests that women would prefer to have sex with dogs than incels.


Women's genitals are naturally stimulated by zoophilic pornography whereas men's genitals are not. This was measured and confirmed by Meredith Chivers, Ph. D., an assistant professor of psychology at Queens University in Kingston. This included all images of animal coupling they were exposed to: including e.g. Bonobos.[1]

There are more internet forum threads with women describing sexual attraction to their own dogs than there are websites with women describing their attraction towards male virgins.

Many breeds of dogs have a much larger sex organ then an average human male, thus making the dogpill concomitant with the Dickpill.

Alfred Kinsey, the infamous human sexuality researcher, conducted a survery in the 1950s that stated the prevelance of beastiality at 3.6 percent of adult females confessing to commiting such sexual acts after their adolescent period (Kinsey et al. 1953).

This was in the more socially conservative fifties, and is thus probably an underestimate compared to modern west, and would most likely suffer from an under reporting bias.

Also, this figure of 3.6 might sound low, but it is roughly equivalent to the number of adolescent males who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) in the United States.[2] Thus if this figure is accurate, it is almost certain that you have encountered in your lifetime a female that has had intercourse of some manner with a dog.

The figure certainly seems much higher then the amount of women that would be receptive to the idea of dating or having sex with a truecel.

Miletski (2002) reported that 87 percent of males and 100 percent of females who reported any sexual contacts with animals reported dogs as their non-human sexual partner. Further, both Beetz (cited in Beetz 2005) and Williams and Weinberg (2003) reported dogs as the primary sexually used animals. [3]

Women prey on dogs[edit]


Some women will die just to fuck dogs[edit]

Emergency room personnel are sometimes the only people to bear witness to the fact that a zoophilic act has occurred[4]

Obsessed with dogs[edit]

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Secret Language[edit]

Femoids have a special language to describe intimacy with dogs. For example, intercourse with dogs many femoids call, "knotting". This refers to an Canid phallus containing a "knot" i.e the bulbis glandis at the base, which inflates when the beast is sexually aroused, causing it to become locked to a female canid (or female human zoophile) thus ensuring the proper deposition of semen into the vagina.

It has also been maintained by some dogpill theorists that women or girls who have decorated themselves with dog's paw tattoos are using this as a secret code to communicate their perversions to fellow zoophiles (similar to the "ace of spades" brand used by coalburners.)

If one is perceptive, you can see that they often have this tattoo where a dog would latch on with its front paws during intercourse. You decide for yourself the validity of this hypothesis.

Atomic dogpill[edit]

There currently exists 0 forum posts about female attraction to incels or male virgins... dogs however...

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Unfunny attempt at a redditified incel community to "meme"; a covert attempt to delegitimise the arguments involuntary celibates have against society at large. See /braincels/.

The idea of a "Dogpill" per se was apparently popularised in the incelosphere by famous hapa troll and author of the redpill comics, Eurasian Tiger ,who promoted the concept on and r/incels.

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