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A framecel is a man whoose inceldom is connected with his small skeletal frame: this means he may have narrow shoulders due to short clavicles, a wide pelvis (slang "hips"), a narrow ribcage and narrow wrists.

Classification of Framecels[edit | edit source]

Wheat Waffles' Classification of Framecels[1] can be in three forms: Framecel Proper (Either the arms are too short or the neck is too long), Manletism and Heightcel (starts at 5'9 and becomes severe at 5'7 or below), and Lankletism[2] (Overly tall but lack of proportional shoulders, Endurance athleticism rather than strength).

Gym Experts[3] have noted that Limb Length matters for optimal weightlifting:

  • Wingspan should be ideally 1-5cm longer than height
  • Ulna (Forearms) should be ideally 79-84% of Humerus (Upper Arm)
  • Legs should be ideally 44-47% of Height
  • Tibia should be ideally 79-84% of Femur length

Further References by Men's Journal[1] Has an alternative Classification System, or Akin to WW:

  1. Skyscrapers (5'10 and over with long limbs)
  2. Tanks (5'7 and under)
  3. Boats (30% torso-to-height)
  4. Caveman (Long arms and short legs)
  5. T-Rex (Short arms and long legs)

For shoulders specifically a framecel would be someone with narrow clavicles. The bideltoid breadth is how the width of your shoulders measure and the average bideltoid for an adult male in the US would be 20 inches. Another typical framecel trait is either having a wide waist or wide hips in comparison to their shoulder width. The ideal shoulder - waist ratio for men is 1:6.

The Myth of Gymmaxxing[edit | edit source]

Researches has been done[4] on rated attractiveness and perceived strength when compared to actual quantified strength, height and weight (with faces eliminated as a variable). Perceived strength is correlated to actual strength, but surprisingly, perceived strength is correlated to attractiveness, while actual strength is inversely correlated with perceived strength. This suggest that people are judged by their frame and its maximum potential to gain muscles, rather than the current "gains" of muscle.

There are some haphazard critiques of this theory, and insisting that posture[5] is more important than frame by only looking at ONE sample picture. The same author made the note however, that shoulder width[6] also matters, which is euphemism for the promotion of upper-body centric workouts.

Survey[7] have been conducted to further dissect the preference of body parts. Contrary to popular belief, girls between the ages 25 and 44 put as much priority on legs and glutes ("v-cut" as euphemism) combined as they do Chest, Arms, Abs and Face/Hair. Chest are more favored for those over 45 (which is not the main target of Gym-adjacent PUAs), and Abs are favored for everyone under 55 (which has less bearing on Gymcel but rather Fatcel). Also coinciding with such data, PornHub's Search Data[8][9] indicates that countries or US states with more female presence (younger more fertile females) are also more likely to prefer "butt" over "boobs".

Looksmaxxing for framecels[edit | edit source]

Looksmaxxing strategies for framecels include bodybuilding, use of anabolic steroids, neck training and clavicle lengthening osteotomy.

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