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Sub8 theory, also known as sub8 law, is a controversial theory on incel forums that men who are not a chad will have little to no romantic or sexual success. The name comes from the decile scale, which is a physical attractiveness scale of 1 to 10.

According to sub8 theorists, men who are sub8 have little to no sexual or romantic success. They believe that normies rarely have sex, and if they do, only get awkward mercyfucking once a year from a landwhale. Sub8 theorists also believe some normies could even be outright incels. They also believe chadlites only get mercyfucked by a landwhale once a year. According to sub8 theorists, the only men who can get a stacy or even a becky is a chad due to hypergamy.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

The theory is extremely controversial among users. While some genuinely agree with the theory, some incels believe the theory is simply cope to feel better about being involuntarily celibate by assuming only a small percent of men have a good sex life.

Public opinion on incel forums[edit | edit source]

Some polls were created on to see the public opinion on sub8 theory. In February 2020, in a poll on of 79 respondents asking them if they agree with sub8 law, 32.9% said they disagree with it, 46.8% said they agree with it, and 20.3% said they aren't sure and would like more evidence. When only including respondents who decided they have an opinion (63 respondents), 41.27% said they disagree with sub8 law and 58.73% said they agree with sub8 law. In March 2020, when asked what is the real law, 95 respondents on answered. 16.8% picked sub5 law, 27.4% picked sub6 law, 26.3% picked sub7 law, and 29.5% picked sub8 law. On one thread on September 1, 2020 with 118 respondents, when asked if normies have sex or have girlfriends, 67.8% said "some do, some don't", 27.1% said "yes", and only 5.1% said "no".

Many users on agreed with sub8 theory in the beginning of the year 2020, but later that year, many users changed their minds.

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