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Female privilege is the set of cultural, institutionalized and internalized privileges that women benefit from. Female privilege varies across history and cultures and culmits in 21st century Western societies. It is partly the consequence of prevalent gynocentrism and the counterpart of male disposability.

Evolutionary Aspect[edit | edit source]

Female privilege can be understood as an evolutionary construct formed by reproduction constraints that limit the female reproductive capacity and let the male reproductive capacity unlimited. As a consequence of these constraints, for the survival and the expansion of a tribe of humans, on the one hand the life of a single man is close to worthless while the life of a woman cannot be made up for and is thus very highly valued.

The sentence:

Women and children first!

is an expression of such phenomenon along with the rest of white knight culture.

Immunity to sex crimes[edit | edit source]

For most if western history, the concept of a "sex crime" was an exclusively male crime. In fact, the notion of a "rapist" was in fact so male, that you literally needed a penis to do it. If you didn't have a penis, then the word rape by definition didn't apply to you. In fact, British law, per the Sexual Offences Act 2003 continues to define rape as a male only crime, except the gender-specific references are downplayed to hide the blatant androphobia. This manhating law goes as follows: "A person (A) commits an offence if (a) he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis (and) B does not consent to the penetration". Have you noticed the pronoun "HE", i.e. a male pronoun? Have you noticed the necessity of a penis? Have you noticed that the notion of "forced to penetrate" is absent from this law?

English law is written so that even if a woman was to pin down a 13 year old boy, handcuff him to a bed, pull his pants down and forcefully have intercourse with him, she would fall outside of the bracket of rape. She wouldn't be a rapist.

There's a famous proverb that says "with power comes responsibility". To all the feminists who push for equality and an increase in female power, there is a strange absence for a concurrent increase in female accountability. In a nutshell, women want legal, political and social power, but they want none of the associated responsibility.

History[edit | edit source]

In ancient times although women did benefit from female privilege and lived on average much longer and much better than men in much of the West, as a counterpart they weren't free and were to a variable extent the property of their husband or family. In non-western societies the extent of female privilege was a lot less obvious however. In ancient and medieval India and China men typically had higher life expectancies and were given better food and medical care than women, a situation that reversed only in the 20th century. Similarly, studies of pre-Columbian Maya graves have indicated that males on average died at a later age, mostly due to the extremely dangerous nature of childbirth as well as better access to luxury foods among males.

In contemporary times the need for female lives to be valued higher than male lives has ceased to exist. Because of the demographic transition, the number of children per woman needed to maintain or expand a tribe or the species's size as a whole is less than 3 and thus a woman's life is perfectly disposable from an evolutionary standpoint. Moreover, women have been granted equal rights with men, or in the other words, the counterpart of female privilege has been revoked. Yet female privilege persisted in modern societies.

In 20th and 21th centuries Western societies in particular, female privilege greatly expanded through feminism using gynocentric resorts.

Check out the seventh century equivalent showing that female heedlessness to the fact that there were concessions which were granted solely to their gender and not to intersex or male individuals, but that women refused to acknowledge its existence.

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