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Coolness is dominance signaling by looking fashionable and dangerous, as well as behaving in an interesting and impressive manner, all without trying hard. Effortless achievement signals confidence in one's ability and signals or fakes untapped potential. Coolness is related to stoicism due to the downplaying of effort, and related to charisma and game due to elegance, minimalism and style.

A modern phenomenonEdit

Even though poise has always been a thing, coolness may be on the rise because, historically, few were socially isolated enough to secretly achieving mastery by practicing in complete isolation, to then effortlessly display a masterful skill or style, to the complete awe of others, whom did not see the hours of practice. As men are increasingly discouraged to openly compete, they may resort to compete in effortless achievements.[1] In times of economic stagnation, males also arguably need to resort to style and effortlessness more to distinguish themselves (rather than with economic achievements).

Danger and coolnessEdit

Dangerous activities like free climbing, sex, binge drinking, going to war, etc. are cool because they are dangerous. One could argue purposefully setting one's hand on fire is dangerous but not cool. The counter argument to that is any dangerous behavior no matter how stupid, can be cool if played off with stoicism and finesse.

For example, one sets their own hand on fire, and without flinching, calmly blows the flames out in an impressive manner hardly seeming to try at all, and then one brushes their hair back, with that same hand, and says "ain't got time to burn." The stupid act of setting one's own hand on fire has just been made cool.

Can women be cool?Edit

Female pokerface

Women can engage in cool behavior and be dangerous from an objective standpoint, such as a female combat soldier in the United States Army, however their faces hardly advertise danger[2] and women smile a lot more than men. War heroism and bravery, are only more sexually attractive in males.[3] Further, women appear to have a preference for dangerous, disagreeable men, but men prefer nice, obedient women.[4] Women have on average a more withdrawn personality type,[5] so they may more often put on a poker face, which is related to coolness, but most self-identified hard-core incels agree women can't be cool.[6] Cutecels are also often not intimidating enough.


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