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An alpha female is the highest ranking female in a social hierarchy or in a particular trait.[1] For example, Gigastacy is the alpha female in terms of attractiveness. Scientific studies on the alpha female as relating to dominance, and non-verbal intrasexual competition are extremely rare. Mostly because dominant, aggressive, violent women that physically fight one another such as world class female boxers, have no to low reproductive success.[2] Where as the alpha male as related to dominance has hi as well as the most reproductive success.

Some scientific reasons that men don't choose physically dominant aggressive women are, a woman's facial masculinity is not heritable.[3] Thus a man cannot reproduce a massively more masculine faced son from mating with a masculine faced woman. A man would reproduce daughters whom are extremely less likely to reproduce themselves. The more physically dominant, the more the woman is likely to be homo/bisexual. With some estimates putting 98% of the Women's National Basketball Associates in the category of lesbian.[4] In these dominance hierarchies a woman being straight is lower status and is grounds for being bullied, and the most physically dominant women try to look like men even more than how they naturally look “to get respect."[5] This respect is implied to be from other highly dominant women, and masculinizing themselves is in an effort to gain sexual opportunities from those women.

Interestingly, very high IQ women have similarly low to no chance of reproducing, where as very wealthy women (female billionaires, including self made) only have a slightly less chance of reproducing than female supermodels (nearly guaranteed).[6][7] This suggests highly, verbally dominant women (females that talk alot) have high reproductive success.

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