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A Stacy is a woman able to secure sexual intimacy with Chad. Stacy is vain and obsessed with jewellery, makeup, and clothes. She is an entitled whore whose rich daddy funds her Caribbean vacations to go "find herself." A typical Stacy entertains a flock of orbiters who shower her with attention and validation, only to open her legs for Chad or Tyrone instead. Stacy is a "9" on the Decile Chart. A Stacy gets mogged by a gigastacy who is a "10" on the decile scale, while she herself mogs a stacylite.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

A Stacy sees no need for intelligence or understanding because she has always been able to beat Becky in securing Chad. And so her neurones rarely "connect," or react, except to stimuli of things that will enhance her charms and raise her SMV. This is the woman who, after she's given a choice between two guys, chooses the guy who has better looks, who says he's good with women. It's a choice that will only further her self-esteem and validate her ego. Stacy exploits her looks and inflated SMV to coax favors out of her orbiters.

Lifestyle[edit | edit source]

Despite her degenerate character, Stacy will live a superior life to any incel solely based on her looks and her inherited wealth. She will have the pick of her careers, as any STEM employer will happily take her on to fill a quota. Indeed, she won't even need to work at all if she so desires, as any blue-pilled cuck will happily marry her and pay for all her useless shit.

Examples of women that would be called a "Stacy" in the PSL communities

History[edit | edit source]

The original counterpart of a Chad was a Trixie, as popularized by the fictional Lincoln Park Trixie Society (LPTS) in Chicago in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Trixie was an all-American "girl next door" who attended a Big 10 school (where she may have been a cheerleader), worked in marketing or PR, drove a black Jetta, drank lattes from Starbucks, and was actively looking for a Chad to settle down with. She was not overly sexualized but rather was more attractive than average and spent a great deal of time and money maintaining her appearance. The name "Stacy" gradually replaced "Trixie" when the LPTS website was taken down and the Scumbag Stacy meme became popular in 2011, with Stacy being the counterpart of Scumbag Steve.[1] The term entered the incelosphere via /r9k/ board and r/Foreveralone around 2013.

"Crazy incel invention"[edit | edit source]

The term, "Chad and Stacy" has coincidental similarity with cultural critic Sarah Thornton's study of "subcultural capital".[2]

On the contrary, if girls opt out of the game of, "hipness", they will often defend their tastes (particularly their taste for pop music) with expressions like "it's crap, but I like it". In doing so they acknowledge the subcultural hierarchy and accept their lowly position within it. If on the other hand, they refuse this defeatism female clubbers and ravers are usually careful to distance themselves from the degraded pop culture of Sharon and Tracey

—Sarah Thornton Culture, Critical Concepts in Sociology

The use by Sarah Thornton shows how these sorts of fun stereotypes are not "crazy incel inventions", but rather have historical antecedents in academia even!

Ethnic Variations[edit | edit source]

  • Polish - Julka
  • Lithuanian - Fyfa (also tuštutė, stileiva, pamaiva, gražeiva, gražionė, puošeiva, dabita)

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