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Fashion is the process of raising one's SMV by buying clothes that look well-made/modern/expensive. The goal is to dress like one of the popular people in your area, whether it's at your school or your town. Observe what they are wearing and try to mimic that.

But do not go overboard with style. If you go overboard, you'll look like an average guy who's interested in fashion. Do not dress like a fashionista. Most fashionistas are not one of the popular kids.

If you go overboard with hair, accessories or color-matching, you'll just look like a try-hard, not one of the popular people. Again, over-styling does not create the impression of a popular, cool guy; it would just create an impression of a loser who's just interested in fashion.

It's not fashion or style per se that women like; what women like is the impression that you dress like one of the popular kids.

So the best way to get fashion advice is, ironically, form the popular people in your area. Not fashionistas or "image consultants." Do not fall into their trap.

Fashion is like gang membership tattoos. It shows that you belong to a group, whether the popular kids, the jocks or the nerds. If you dress like a popular guy, you would be assumed to be him. Just like when you have a specific tattoo of a gang, you'll assumed to belong into that gang.

Be aware of regional trends. What the popular people dress in one area is not what the same they dress in another area.

Not all regional styles are recognized. But most people do know what Hollywood celebrities wear. So dressing like a "Hollywood celebrity" would be safe.

Also fashion not only varies among location, but also among age group. School-aged people dress differently than others.

Another mistake associated with overstyling is not dressing like your age group. Often you seen old men "dress young." This would look rather "out of place" because he will, most likely, assumed to be a loser just trying to fit in; not one of the genuine "popular kids." He's too old to be one. Remember, it's not fashion or style that women like; what women like is the impression that you dress like one of the popular kids.

It's not about style, it's about following trends and having money (designer-label clothing)[edit | edit source]

"the only time where a female only compliment me on my clothing if im wearing a nice rolex watch, or some 300 pound sneakers"

Designer-label clothing signal socioeconomic status. Wearing knockoff clothing lowers your socioeconomic status. Therefore knockoff clothing makes you less attractive, irrespective of how "stylish" they look.

Women themselves are highly status-oriented. They therefore emphasize brands very strongly. This is evident by their obsession with shoes and handbags. Some women spend more money on shoes or handbags than on their clothes.

How people judge you based on how you wear[edit | edit source]

  • Bright colors may be perceived as feminine.
  • Dark colors may signal dominance or masculinity.
  • Buttoned shirts, collared shirts, and pocketed shirts may convey a image of authority or prestige.

"Fashion is about expressing yourself"[edit | edit source]

This is a stupid saying from women. In reality, following fashion is following what the popular people dress. So "expressing yourself" is rather limited.

Style alone could not attribute a personality to you. But if you mimic the style of another person, his personality would be attributed to you. For example, if you mimic the style of Taylor Swift, you would be assumed to have a "country girl" personality. If you mimic the style of bikers by having tattoos and wearing leather jackets, you would be assumed to have a DOM personality. If you mimic the style of, say, a famous rapper, you would be assumed to have a "hip hop" personality.

What "dress to express yourself" really means is "dressing like the famous person who you identify with the most." In other words, it's about "expressing your personality" by dressing like a celebrity with a similar personality to you. That's it.

Since you're limited to what the celebrities or popular people wear, you only have a limited array of options to choose from.

FOBs and Fashion[edit | edit source]

Ethnics who are "fresh off the boat" have a load of negative stereotypes. Since they are stereotyped to be "fresh", they are assumed to be outcasts. They're assumed (by whites) not to be as popular as the equivalent white guy, unless they're dressed like a certain way. Fashion is, arguably, more important for ethnics with thick accents.

FOBs themselves often cannot tell if a person is popular or not by their style. So they are weak judges of another's status. Another term that could be applied to FOB women is "weak fashion sense." That's why Asian FOB women flock to white men, even if they are dressed like nerds. Since they have "weak fashion sense," FOB's cannot tell a jock or a nerd apart from the way they dress, giving an advantage to the white nerd.

Good Looking Loser advises people to dress like the "in-crowd." But it's not the "in-crowd". It's dressing like as any popular kid, whether he is an in-crowd or an out-crowd. Even FOB women, for example, would prefer the white popular guy who's an out-crowd to her, rather than their "ethnic" in-crowd counterpart.

Dressing like an "in-crowd" only offers a slight advantage in long-term relationships, since it signifies compatibility.

Fashion is complicated[edit | edit source]

As of 2014, denim jeans are in-style, but denim shorts are out-of-style. Denim shorts have the opposite effect making you look like a nerd.

Similarly, khaki shorts are in style, khaki trousers are out-of-style. Just the leg-length would make the difference between being perceived as a normal guy versus a nerd.

It's not the fabric or the leg-length itself that makes it "in-style" or not. It's the overall appearance. In fashion, the sum is greater than its parts. So you must be careful about combining things, like shoes and pants. The wrong shoes with the pants would make you look like a loser, even if both the shoes and the pants themselves are in style.

Grooming[edit | edit source]

Being well-groomed and having hygiene matters a lot in attracting women because it's the style right now.

CruiseControl says that grooming doesn't matter, at least for our ancestors.[1]

If you rely on any kind of grooming to look presentable then you're officially dogshit.

You think Pack-leading-DOM-caveman had well-lit mirrors at his disposal? You think he gave a shit about being covered head-toe in mud, shit and dirt?

That's why the only thing that matters is bone. That includes broad shoulders and a laterally developed skull and midface.

Can you go on a hike into some wild territories for a week, wrestling bears, cooking snakes, choking wolves, headbutting moose, showering in shit-filled ponds.. only to go straight to the club in your shriveled clothes and pull a bombshell on the seventh day?

If not, you're not truly sexually attractive to women.


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