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This page outlines questions that are common regarding inceldom.

Are all involuntary celibates male?[edit | edit source]

The term incel is an abbreviation of "involuntary celibate", a life condition with an academic sociological foundation. 'Incel' is not a subculture where there are members and members decide 'membership'. The incelosphere, is mostly, but not entirely male-dominated.

Under the broad definition of incel: 'celibate against choice', incel women usually have medical conditions such as vaginismus, are in sexless relationships, are mentalcels or are standardcels. Many incel forum users believe that high-standardcels should not count as incels, thinking that women collectively refusing to even consider online dating the same 80%+ of the male population isn't comparable to an incel not being willing to fuck a 300-pound black woman. Many incel forums members also believe in not acknowledging medical or mental conditions that would cause female involuntary celibacy beyond standards, considering them edge cases that distract from what is primarily a problem that directly affects men.

Under the narrow definition of incel, 'celibate against will'... there are virtually no female incels, but many male incels.

Are incels a group, ideology, subculture, organization, community, or movement?[edit | edit source]


incel is an abbreviation of involuntarily celibate, which is self-descriptive. Involuntary meaning not willfully. Celibate meaning without sex and/or romance. Up to 28% of American young men are incel according to the Washington Post.[1] "Incel", isn't a single community any more than, for example, trans people are a single community.

As far as self-identified incels or incel forums, they are extremely disconnected and do not share radical beliefs unless you want to call determinism a radical ideology. Individual philosophies like the original blackpill definition or subcultures like 4chan culture emerge on some, but not all, forums dedicated to involuntary celibates and go in and out of fashion.

Calling involuntary celibates a movement is like calling poor people a movement or ideology. To elaborate, 'pauperdom' is the state of being poor. The term is to poor people, what inceldom is to incels. Both are life situations, the terms 'incel' and 'pauper' denote a person affected by these things. It would be widely agreed by most people that poor people aren't a movement nor is there a specific ideology that all adhere too. Likewise, incels and inceldom are the same in that respect.

Is inceldom composed of whitecels only?[edit | edit source]

Although involuntary celibates are often stereotyped as mostly white, modern polls and surveys (and general forum usage) suggest otherwise. This poll from braincels shows that whites constitute only 28% of that forums population, with the largest racial demographic being currycel. The largest poll by the whitest forum: showed that only 50% of its members were whitecels, the rest being ethnicel.[2] Since inceldom often results from statistical imbalances, Senegal[3] and Qatar[4], respectively the most polygamous and unbalanced sex ratios in the world, arguably have the highest rates of inceldom worldwide.

In fact, statistics show that the whitest English-speaking incelosphere forum is 22% more ethnically diverse at a mean rate and 19% more ethnically diverse at a median rate than the general population of the Anglosphere.

Are involuntary celibates angry or frustrated?[edit | edit source]

Involuntary celibates are human and as such feel emotions (negative as well as positive) just like everyone else. Its normal to feel gloomy when lacking a maslow need. Many involuntary celibates become used to their situation and as such are content being involuntarily celibate, which may even turn them into volcels. Involuntary celibates who take the whitepill try out stoicism and asceticism and thereby become content with their situation. The subset of incels most likely to feel upset or depressed are probably nymphocels.

Do incels just want sex?[edit | edit source]

It is true that the only unifying trait of incels is being involuntarily deprived of sex. (However, some incels argue the word incel has more to do with romance than sex) Regardless, being involuntarily deprived of sex does not mean that you want sex or that it is the only thing you want. Some incels only want a romantic companion, others want marriage, some want offspring, others want validation and others want the social status associated with having a partner. Some want to get a SO due to parental pressure, or because they want to quell rumors that they're gay. Others want independence from parents, i.e. "leaving the nest" that is sometimes associated with romantic relationships. Some involuntary celibates seek the tax-breaks and other social benefits that are often associated with being in a partnership.

Although incels are often portrayed as "guys who can't get laid", the above examples show that its possible to be a graysexual, demisexual or asexual incel.

However given all of this, it does not follow that purely non-sexual avenues of trying to help incels will help incels, as many (but not all) incels simply do just want sexual intimacy period.

Why don't incels visit prostitutes?[edit | edit source]

Again, not all incels want sex (see above). For those that do, unless they're escortcels or pure mentalcels, incels and in particular truecels, are usually so ugly and physically deformed that even prostitutes reject them.

Frequenting prostitutes or being a sugar daddy/mommy does not count as a sexual, romantic, or even social relationship, but rather a financial relationship, as the relationship remains without sex/romance/sociability, but not without money. Even if it did count as a sexual or romantic relationship, most self-identified incels cannot afford it regularly. In America at least, the cost of sex is prohibitively expensive, and runs up to a $600/hour average in major cities.

Some non-materialist incels go further to say that financial social relationships cannot be fully sexual.

Are truecels Marxists?[edit | edit source]

Not necessarily. However, many members of the incelosphere support sexual Marxism since they see it as enabling a culture of egalitarianism in dating between gigachads and truecels.

Are involuntary celibates violent?[edit | edit source]

In short, no. That is a stereotype nurtured by pigeonholing and broadbrushing media portrayals. Having low testosterone levels is more common in incel demographics compared to noncels. Unassertiveness, being obsequious and high inhibition is also more common in involuntary celibate populations according to Henry Flynt. Furthermore, the stoic and ascetic viewpoints espoused by some purplepilled and blackpill tenets (especially when supplemented with the whitepill) tends to repudiate violent viewpoints in favor of pacifism.

Is inceldom new?[edit | edit source]

The term "incel" is an umbrella term and sniglonym of the term "involuntary celibacy" whose usage reaches back at least to the 18th century. Inceldom has existed throughout human history. The phenomenon even exists in the extended animal kingdom (see animalcel).

What's the biggest misconception about inceldom?[edit | edit source]

The most common misconception is that inceldom constitutes a belief system, label or ideology. Inceldom is simply a social phenomenon akin to homelessness, and a social demographic such as the unemployed.

Are incels mentally ill?[edit | edit source]

In general, no. Some of the greatest minds in history lived involuntarily celibate lives. See for example Vincent van Gogh. But mentalcels also exist. However, inceldom can lead to mental despair and a general decline in cognitive function through sadness and drug use quite easily.

What is the black pill?[edit | edit source]

The black pill is the idea that looks are by far the most important element in attracting a mate in 2019. It has more political undertones than other pills however, mainly because it's proponents tend to be traditional conservatives who favor "enforcing monogamy" by "reversing the sexual revolution". Not all incels subscribe to the blackpill or even any pill at all. Alternatively, the blackpill means accepting that ugly men should just stop trying to date due to societal or evolutionary female selective pressures being too powerful (defeatism).

Is inceldom synonymous with the blackpill?[edit | edit source]

No. Some don't believe in the blackpill. Some don't agree with parts of it. Some don't subscribe to any 'pills'. Some involuntary celibates are purple pilled, others are bluepilled; others are red pilled or whitepilled. Some involuntary celibates who have never entered the incelosphere are unaware of "pill" jargon. There are also noncel blackpillers such as Catherine Hakim. However, the blackpill tends to be popular among self-identified mancels.

Is inceldom related to the alt-right?[edit | edit source]

No. Whites constitute a minority in the English incelosphere: see the race article. The reason for this pigeonholing is that people from the alt-right are among the few public defenders of incels. This is due to many reasons, the most important one being that both the alt-right and some incel forums tend to be pro-natalist, but for different reasons. If there were some other pro-natalist movement today, they would instead probably be the public defenders of incels. Other defenders of incels outside the alt-right also exist. See Angela Nagle, MRAs, and the rest of the people in this list minus Devlin and Spencer.

Are incels narcissists?[edit | edit source]

This stereotype probably comes from Elliot Rodger's vlogs, who appeared extremely narcissistic. However, another spree killer who attributed his killings to not getting laid: George Sodini, was hyper-modest. Obviously, trying to broadbrush people who cannot get laid in this way is not even internally consistent.

The degree of genuine narcissism shown by Elliot Rodger is rare in the incel forums, and it is often born from isolation and part of a broader inability to socially integrate. Most of the United States ranks high in narcissism, but most incels aren't much more narcissistic than the average person in the USA. Many incel forum members rate extremely not-narcissistic according to threads where forum members took the NPD test online. Those who are particularly narcissistic may use it as a coping mechanism for having no one else to love.

Are incels homophobic or transphobic?[edit | edit source]

Incels aren't a monolith. But there is some anecdotal evidence suggesting that an unspecified proportion of homosexuality is actually caused by inceldom (see homocel hypothesis). Similarly, the trans-vestigiality hypothesis also suggests that a significant proportion of transgenderism is caused by inceldom. Jailhouse gay essentially. Except the jail is (usually female) sexual selective pressures instead of a literal jail.

Are incels misanthropic?[edit | edit source]

Prejudice can be found among both incelospherians and offline incels, including eurotophobia (misogyny), phallophobia (misandry) or misanthropy (against everyone). Online platforms designed for venting (like are the most likely to have prejudicial tendencies, while those whose primary focus is ascending (like or as a support group (like Incelistan) are the least likely to have such tendencies.

Are truecels or incels misogynistic?[edit | edit source]

In common usage, those using the word misogyny are more likely to actually mean Gybophobia. But because the word gynophobia isn't in common usage, that word isn't common. Furthermore, gynophobia is often a subset of eurotophobia, just as misandry is often a subset of phallophobia. Imperatively, desiring someone romantically or sexually, whilst also hating them is oxymoronic, unless said person has a hatefucking fetish. Do incels have a hatefucking fetish? For the most part, no.

Is a singleton the same as an incel?[edit | edit source]

Being single is a symptom of inceldom as opposed to a cause. Generally, single isn't a good overall descriptor for an incel. The main separation between being single and Incel is that being single can be a choice, whereas inceldom cannot. Single people also may have many sexual/romantic encounters while being single. Something incels don't experience. As such, the terms are not synonymous, in the same way that a hungry Ethiopian in a famine and a person in Mallorca who is on a diet are not synonymous.

I think I may be involuntarily celibate. What should I do?[edit | edit source]

That depends on whether inceldom is affecting your day-to-day life negatively or not. If it isn't, then great, keep doing what you're doing.

If it affects you psychologically, then consider trying to boost your self-esteem in some way, or try out stoicism (see whitepill). If it affects you physiologically, such as via sexual frustration, then consider taking antaphrodisiacs (medicinal substance that quells the libido) (nigga dont thats a horrible idea!) or anaphrodisiacs (food supplement that quells the libido).

If you are male and don't live in a country with arranged partnerships you can also try adjusting your behavior more dramatically to meet your sexual desires, through hiring a personal trainer to build muscle, hiring a fashion consultant, taking pro-social photos, taking photos with pets, and/or consulting those who study lookism more broadly. If one does not want to try anymore, one can also advocate for incels politically, go MGTOW, or go NEET and sloth.

References[edit | edit source]