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Incel Wiki is an encyclopedia about the manosphere at large, particularly incels, in the English language. It is meant to be a repository of academia, folk theories, memes, people, and art associated with involuntary celibates. Involuntary celibates are defined on Incel Wiki as being those who for an extended period of time couldn't establish a romantic and/or sexual relationship even after approaching a wide variety of people.

Incel wiki is and always has been non-profit. Anything that looks like an ad is fake/satirical.

Wiki history[edit source]

The wiki was created during daily heated arguments the Incel Wiki admins had with Wikipedia admins about the Wikipedia Incel Article in early 2018. As of 2019, many articles from the incel wiki are in the top 3 spots of Google rankings, and the wiki has surpassed SJWiki and other longtime staples of the internet in traffic.

For a time, many articles were at the #1 spot on Google, but an alleged Google engineer + a Twitter mob removed us from having featured snippets on Google, and bumped us down to #2 and #3 on many search results. The wiki has become a harmonious place, and the admins and users get along.

In late 2019, User:Jet112 started a doc on incels with help from other wiki writers.

Wiki leadership[edit source]

The wiki was Masters idea, and was written almost entirely by User:William who also admins the wiki, and User:Thebreeze, our resident poet and awesome writer. We generally do not revert written content at this point, and we accept edits from non-registered users.

Other Major Projects[edit source]

The Scientific Blackpill article was created by User:BlackpillScience and is heavily contributed to by resident historian User:Altmark22

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