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Gynocentrism refers to an excessive focus on female issues at the expensive of male issues to the point where such a stance becomes misandric. The media in the western world is very gynocentric. A person who holds gynocentric views is a gynocentrist.


There are many indications that modern western society is gynocentric. Some examples include that our society's favoring of demisexuality, which leans towards female tendencies for emotionality, over allosexuality, which leans towards raw sexuality sometimes associated with masculinity. This is a clear indication that our society is not patriarchal. Another indication that society is gynocentric is a look at the medical field, which almost solely studies gynocology and is silent on adrology, the counterpart field dealing with male health. The term gynecology on google search produces 67 million search returns, whilst andrology produces only a tenth of those search returns. JSTOR is even more lopsided, with search returns producing almost 8000% more returns for women than for men when combining the spellings of "gynaecology" and "gynecology". Where's the egalitarianism in the light of andrological issues such as tesicular cancer, prostate cancer and MGM?[1]