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R. Don Steele is a dating coach of 34 years, starting in 1984. He is best known for helping to frustrate George Sodini enough to go on a mass shooting. As of 2018, an image showed above Steele's site [1] indicating it's was hacked for a period and sub-links did not work for a long time. His Twitter page is pretty much exclusively anti-US-Democratic-Party and Pro-Trump/Pro-Republican posts. [2] This as opposed to dating related posts. His "style" of PUA essentially seems to boil down to "baby boomer game."

"Technique"[edit | edit source]

R. Don Steele has 3 "steel ball" techiques on how to pick up women. Two of his three steps basically boil down to a, "firm handshake", and good posture, and sexual intent as the principles to 'getting women'. Don is known for hiring a "beautiful woman" to attend his seminars and have the men practice a firm handshake with her.

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