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Hunter eyes are the ideal eyes for men. They are hooded, have positive canthal tilt, and have an interpupil distance (IPD) that is within the normal range. The eyes are vertically narrow and horizontally long. The hoodedness comes from a protruding brow ridge and fat tissue above the eyes.

Eye area is crucial to a man's attractiveness, and nearly all male models have hunter eyes.

Someone with bad eye area is sometimes called an eyecel.

Examples[edit | edit source]

300px-Konstantinos laios face.jpg Johnston-et-al-DOM.jpg

Criticism[edit | edit source]

Some argue that vertical narrowness of the eyes has little to do with attraction, as exemplified by models with large eyes, including David Gandy. Females have large eyes relatively to their skull due to greater scleral show. However, it’s not only due to scleral show. Females have smaller skulls which makes their eyes appear larger.

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