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Hunter eyes are the ideal eyes for men. They are the combination of eyes that are darkly colored, small, "deep set", hooded, have a positive canthal tilt, and have an interpupil distance (IPD) that is within the normal range. The eyes are vertically narrow and horizontally long. The hoodedness comes from a protruding brow ridge and fat tissue above the eyes.

The eyeballs themselves are sexually dimorphic. Men that were exposed to more testosterone in the womb have smaller, less neoteneous eyeballs. [1]

Dark colored eyeballs are also perceived as masculine. A man can have small, dark colored eyeballs but not have developed bones around the eyes and still technically qualify as having hunter eyes. Actor Bruce Campbell has eyes like those.

Conversely A man with deep set, large light eyes, does not have hunter eyes.

Someone with bad eye area is sometimes called an eyecel.

Deep set hunter eyes may be an adaptation for combat, hunting and male dominance competitions, protecting the eyes from fists, claws, sticks etc.

Color and limbal ringEdit

A study concluded that blue eyes are objectively attractive, as per the stereotype. [2] This is related to the fact that with blue eyes during the day the pupil is most clearly visible. Also, a study concluded that color blue eyes does not increase trust physiognomy.[3]

2 studies show that darker and larger limbal rings around the eyes are more attractive. The study showed women actually, have a revulsion toward faces that lack limbal rings! Especially in a short term mating context.[4][5] Limbal ring thickness fades with age.


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