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Sexclamations are the audible vocalizations and other sounds that are heard when people have sex, sometimes done in an attempt to stoke envy among truecels.

For any drapetomanic truecels on a budget who are planning to leave the nest, it is recommended only taking uglycels for a roommate. If you take a high-tier normie or Chad for a roommate, then be prepared to face obnoxious exhibitionism whereby your roommate will bring their ONS partner or SO over so they can rub salt in the wound and twist the knife by sexclamating, even if they're fully aware that you're on the inceldom spectrum.

Definition[edit | edit source]

In humans, sexclamations may come from a variety of sources. It may be a result of vocalizations accompanying pleasure. These vocalisations are most often described as moaning and groaning.[1] However, such vocalization does not always indicate pleasure, but may be adopted by a sex partner to fake pleasure.[2] Other reasoning for such noises may indicate pain during intercourse. Another noise that is less audible is the panting that occurs after somebody has orgasmed.[3] A non-oral sound that is percussive usually pertains to the striking between bodyparts during sexual intercourse, usually the pubic region, perineum, scrotum, labia majora and upper thighs which sounds like clapping and is most audible during sex positions such as doggy style or piledriver.[4][5] Another source of sexclamation may come from the bed creaking during rhythmic lovemaking.[6] Other noises includes squelching during intercourse due to the vaginal lubrication, queefing if a pocket of air gets trapped, and gagging during fellatio.[7][8]

Sexclamations are also a phenomenon that exists among non-human animals. This can be divided among instances of mating calls, which occur before any sexual interaction or sex noises during intercourse. The blue whale's mating call can be heard from a distance of more than a hundred kilometers.[9] However analysts remain unsure if growling, snarling and snashing noises during mating among animals indicate protest or pleasure.[10] The tortoise in particular is noted for its loud grunts, which can be heard from a distance of 100 meters.[11]

Gravedancing[edit | edit source]

If one engages in sexclamations in order to brag about one's sexual conquests, it is a form of gravedancing if truecels are present. Loud sexclamating is usually frowned upon if immediate family or extended family members can hear it. For this reasons, some couples may lodge at an inn, hotel, hostel or an outdoor accomodation in order to ensure privacy, especially if they plan on being loud instead of at home where others may hear. In instances where one can overhear an acquaintance or relative having sex it may result in feelings of awkwardness, disrespectfulness, inappropriateness or discomfort, depending on the culture or level of openness in the household.[12] Even normies may find the sound of neighbours having sex obnoxious, and some jurisdictions have laws against such incidents when they get too loud.[13]

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