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The female lordosis posture

In sexual behavioral biology, mammalian lordosis (Greek lordōsis, from lordos "bent backward") or lordosis behavior refers to the presentation of the "tail" with upward curved spine to signal receptivity to copulation found in many mammals, typically around estrus.[1]

Scientists like to claim human lordosis is only a vestigial remnant of proceptivity-/receptivity-communicative signal between male and female,[2] but eye-tracking reveals the arched back does catch both women's and men's attention,[3] and women perceive the posture as sexual receptivity and perceive it as a threat to their relationship,[4] explaining why women wear high heels as it optimizes the "lordotic" posture.[5][6] Popular femoid pastimes, such as twerking on social media, also present clear human analogues to mammalian lordosis behavior. Mammalian lordosis may have an even more ancient root in reptile behavior in which the female submits itself to the most dominant male.[7][8] As such, lordosis is a behavioral disposition and reflex representing the quintessence of female submissiveness, passivity and lewdness.

The reflex has been studied in rats and similar simple mammals
Sexual display masquerading as leisure activity

Lordosis, lordotic behavior and female sexual displays[edit | edit source]

Human females have a naturally higher degree of spinal lordosis[9] (a swayback or arched lower back) when standing erect, which is visually similar to the lordotic mammalian female sexual display posture as it involves the arching of the spine and the display of the hindquarters. Pregnancy also increases lumbar lordosis in women.[10] As such, it has been proposed that lumbar lordosis was evolutionarily selected to offset the load of the fetus and stabilize the female gait in the context of human bipedalism.[11]

However, common human female leisure activities, such as dancing, yoga, gymnastics and so on frequently involve lordotic postures and the display of the crotch region. Human females appear to have a natural proclivity to present themselves in this manner, possibly to attract male attention and compete with other women for the attention of 'high-value males', as has been found in nightclubs with highly sexualized dancing.[12] Following this point, there have been scientific studies showing that adoption of these kinds of postures effectively signal sexual receptiveness and that other women are indeed attentive to this behavior, frequently perceiving it as a sexual threat.[13] Furthermore, apparel commonly worn by human females, such as high heels, accentuate this posture,[14] which serves to boost their attractiveness to men[15] and signal sexual proceptivity, basically in a fashion that often involves mimicking the more overt lordosis mating posture found among the lower animals.[16] Thus, it has been adventurously proposed that this behavior represents a primal aspect of human sexual behavior that has been conserved in a roughly analogous form across taxa from humanities' early mammalian ancestors onward.[17]

Relation to whoring[edit | edit source]

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In human evolutionary history femoids presumably often inappropriately presented their genitals in a lordosis posture to obtain resources from men. In times of economic hardship and in regions with higher income inequality women have been observed to sexualize themselves more, likely in response to these adverse economic conditions.[18]

Sodomy and homocel hypothesis[edit | edit source]

As discussed in the homosexuality article, making the female adopt a submissive posture during sexual intercourse, as seen in doggystyle sex, has been historically used to denigrate males as well, especially in honor-shame oriented cultures and in prisons. Male animals, such as rodents, that have been feminized via castration and treatment with female hormones also frequently adopt this posture.[19][20] It has been suggested, males can adopt the lordosis posture to get resources from horny, bisexual males as a last resort (homocel hypothesis). Men feminized in this fashion are often looked down upon. This leads to male lordosis being depicted in satire, e.g. by Charlie Hebdo. Depicting lordotic males has been proven to be very offensive to some.

Submissive homosexual behavior is also frequently used in harsh ecologies such as prison as a last-resort method by certain men to protect themselves from male violence via submitting to a more physically formidable male.[21] This is somewhat similar to the bodyguard hypothesis that portrays female attraction to physically (and socially) dominate males as a method to protect themselves from male sexual and physical violence by yielding themselves to a dominant male who often sees these women as his 'property' to protect from the depredations of rival men.

Frontal lordosis[edit | edit source]

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The curved arch from collarbone to the boobs reminds one of the lordosis posture, thus boobs act as a frontal or secondary lordosis. Therefore, question 3 in this quiz[22] has no definite answer.

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