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A fakecel is someone who pretends to be, sees themselves as, or just likes hanging out with or defending incels, despite having had sexual relationships in the past. Many incel communities have fakecels amongst their userbase, which has been a prominent source of drama on such forums. Other fakecels seem to have more malevolent motives for pretending to be incels, such as infiltrating incel spaces to bully users there or to gain narcissistic supply via engaging in schadenfreude over the laments of incels.

The term is also commonly used as a quasi-insult in incel spaces, as users who are exposed as sufficiently physically attractive or who disclose (inadvertently or not) their ability to receive some level of attraction from women are often accused of being fakecels, even if they are sexually inactive.

Potential motives for pretending to be incel[edit | edit source]

It is likely that fakecels have often experienced spells of inceldom themselves or have general psychological/demographic traits that overlap with incel forum users.

However, as it seems psychologically difficult for most men to admit to being low in socio-sexual status some further explanation of the behavior of fakecels is required. It is possible that many fakecels know the pain of inceldom, either because they experienced long stretches of inceldom in between relationships, or they became sexually active at an old age. Others simply agree with what they perceive as the general worldview and observations of incels, whether it be the blackpill or other schools of thought popularly associated with incels.

Chadcel or fakecel can also refer to someone who is good looking, but is incel due to mentalceldom or other reasons. Standardcels and Volcels are sometimes accused of being, or are generally conflated with, fakecels.

Tests for determination of Fakecel[edit | edit source]

Characteristics of truecels[edit | edit source]

  1. Extreme ugliness (per blackpill forums). "Truecel" is often just used as an appellation for very ugly men in such spaces, even rarely in some instances where these ugly men have indeed been sexually active in the past.
  2. Lack of sexual relationships past the age of consent, regardless of effort on that person's behalf. Many incels try to gatekeep inceldom and claim only those that have put in effort to approach women are incel, so this excludes love shy incels or mentalcels in their view. Alternatively, other incels argue these things are hard to alter or improve and such individuals are still incel against their will.
  3. Females so far have not been receptive to that person's sexual and/or romantic advances. This is somewhat subjective, but some argue that genuine sexual interest can be ascertained by things such as proxemics.[1]
  4. Following the previous point, females have so far not been likely to genuinely smile or "make silly faces" at the person in question, or often displayed any warmth to them whatsover.[1]
  5. Very low social and sexual capital. Little friends, lack of financial resources, being routinely mistreated in social interactions, and having little capacity to initiate relationships
  6. Are treated badly even by prostitutes, or are unable to employ the services of prostitutes due to rejection by them. Even whores often have standards, and such people would be considered extreme truecels

Mentalcels vs uglycels[edit | edit source]

As mentioned above, mentalcels are often claimed to be fakecels. We can distinguish between mentalcels and uglycels via the following methods:

Lookscels[edit | edit source]

  • One's looks level is defined by various traits, where an unbiased online ranking system would be able to consistently rank them as unattractive. Some use metrics such as success with online dating to measure this, while others use supposedly 'objective' third-party ratings such as the method developed by Wheat Waffles to attempt to quantify this.

Ugly physical traits:

Mentalcels[edit | edit source]

Mentalcels are defined by these two classes, where one can struggle with IRL dating due to a contained social circle or issues with anxiety, socializing etc., but they can perhaps have greater success with online dating:

Fast life history cels[edit | edit source]
  • Psychopathcels, ADHDcels, Narcissistcels who exhibit "Social Instability" (Shorter Life History)
  • Potential chadcels with looksmaxxing
  • more likely to have "game" and are effective at utilizing PUA strategies
  • often can target the cock carousel and other Milkmired women with relative ease
Slow life history cels[edit | edit source]
  • Sociopathcels, Schizophrenicels, Bipolcels, BPDcels as "Social Inflexibility" (Longer Life History)
  • More often truecels with feminized facial and frame characteristics
  • likely to have higher IQ and creativity
  • often the "manic pixie boy" stereotype, thus attracting rebellious females as a temporary beta-orbiter

Fakecels on r9k[edit | edit source]

There is a widely propagated rumor that discord servers were made by fakecels to coordinate an effort to get robots on r9k to undergo gender transition surgery. They were said to do this by spamming pics of trans porn and telling incels that they could only ascend by transitioning. Because of this rumor, any posting suggesting incels fit in with the LGBTQ community is met with extreme suspicion as an anti-incel discord psyop.

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