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Hybristophilia or Scelerophilia are more or less a female-only paraphilia involving attraction to men who are inclined to committing crimes. Those in the manosphere often view this as common among women. In laymen's terms, this is called "going for the bad guys" or "aiming for thugs".

Pretty much only a female phenomenon[edit]

While men were attracted to *some* female convicts like Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias, the degree of the attraction was much smaller than the attraction women hold toward (a wider variety of) convicts. A woman stole Ted Bundy's fucking seed while he was in jail. Almost every high profile male mass murderer has been bombarded with love notes from women. This in comparison to guys just saying that Casey Anthony and Jodie Arias were "hot" and that was it. Almost like making a passing remark about someone hot on the street.

With regards to killers like James Holmes, they *only* got female admiration after their crimes. James spent his days before his killing unsuccessfully browsing some scammy website for sexual losers (adultfriendfinder). This was not the case for any high profile female mass murderer who was sexually appreciated by men. They had male admiration before their killings.

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