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A fatcel (image from the "Make Love, Not Warcraft" episode of South Park).

A fatcel is someone who is on the inceldom spectrum due to obesity.

Fatcels are widely viewed as volcels in both the mancel incelosphere and the femcel one. This is because obesity is seen by most as something changeable. A common interjection in the incelosphere is "fatcel = volcel". Notable fatcels include BrendioEEE and Virgin Messiah.

One study found a correlation between adulthood sexual inexperience and obesity.[1] Some believe obesity should be considered a form of disability.

Pretext: Causes of Obesity[edit | edit source]

A recent analysis on Obesity by the blog Slime Mold Time Mold[2] has noticed that the major hypothesized causes of obesity are largely inaccurate:

  • The "Calories In, Calories Out" (Just Eat Healthy) Theory[3] can be simply thrown out by the Vermont Prison Experiment (1971), George Bray (1972), Poehlman (1986) and others like it, where the effects of forceful overfeeding in healthy subjects can be mitigated without willpower within 2 months. Further Analysis[4][5][6][7] reaffirms that increase calorie consumption in healthy individuals is often accompanied by increased physical activity (including fidgeting), base metabolism and in certain cases, muscle mass.
  • The Animal Fats[3] and Plant Oils[8] Theory can also be thrown out, and that even though dietary fat and carbohydrates can make people gain weight ins the short one (low food satiety), they do not make people healthy people fatter in the long run. Keto, Low-Fat and Low-Glycemic Diets are all useless when compared to Paleo, Vegan, or even "western" diets, when adjusted to long-term boomerang effects. Analysis[9] noted that even if low-carb diets work 2-3x as effective at weight loss in certain conditions, and can improve triglycerides and cholesterol levels, the failure rate of both low-carb and low-fat diets are on average 22%. Another review[10] noted that a low-carb diet also has the side effect of lowering lean mass (muscles), thus it can be said that ketogenic diet is synonymous to a starvation diet.
  • "Addictive Food" and "Liquid Food"[11] Theory can be thrown out as fat people will always eat more, even when controlling for ease of food delivery and food tastelessness. In general, people find it harder to predict the energy density of bigger portions[12]. Also, only overweight people who attempts a diet can predict calorie more accurately than other healthier and/or non-dieting populations[13]. This implies that healthy individuals have no incentive to care about dieting.
  • The "Nutrient Deficiency"[14] Theory are in consideration in context of certain minerals, rather than vitamins due to abundance of food.
  • "Dietary Inflammation" Theory are in consideration.
  • One factor not included in the blog is the idea that people who are overweight are less physically active. As noted in later paragraphs, physical activity and metabolism is also genetically biased.
  • Genetics is by far the other factor not denied by the blog, but he had presented[15] data that controls for race, where even when blacks are statistically more likely to be fatter than whites, those that live in certain areas are more likely to be fatter, implying that there are inter-ethnic genetic difference that is consistent between races. It also controlled for income (a stand-in of Socio-Economic Status and often Life history) and that the effects of poverty and obesity disappears as early as 1990 (however US grain subsidies started in 1995 so the argument is not as strong), and it did not provide a reason why low income is correlated to obesity.
  • Pesticides[16] decomposes quickly, and demographically does not match up.

A major pattern[2][17][18][19] that is discovered is that

  • Obesity only started to be an issue in less than a century ago
  • Non-industrialized nations are not effected by obesity, even if their diets are matching western diet
  • Altitude and watershed exposure are a main predictor in obesity
  • Obesity is a universal pattern for zoo animals, lab animals and wild animals, industrial locals and long-term migrants alike
  • It has independent effects along with affluence and ethnic differences
  • Obesity only targets certain regions of the world with desalination or well waters and not others

One core theory suggested by these findings is that humans have a "Lipostat"[3] (AKA "Ponderostat") that regulates human fat storage. This is done through Ghrelin (hunger hormone) and Leptin (satiety hormone). Obesity is caused by leptin malfunction, can be cured neurologically (psychiatric medication), or by "blowing the heater" (gastric bypass). But this merely explains how it leads to obesity, but not what caused it.

A major claim by the article is that endocrine disruptors and psychiatric contaminants are to blame, for example Lithium[20] and PFAS[21]. There is a relationship between Obesity population, and the same population having Anorexia or Bulimia[22]. The author is hesitant on more serious Femoid-adjacent chemicals e.g. Oral Contraception AKA Birth Control AKA "The Pill", even though the readers are routinely requesting him to address such issues.

Alternative Hypothesis: "It is purely genetic"[edit | edit source]

Recent genetic studies[23] noted that the major cause of obesity comes from genes that affect brain development, endocrine system and metabolism. When comparing the genetics of Whites and East Asians, there are at least 25 gene variants[24] that can be identified between these two ethnicities, however the other 31 Asian obesity gene variations cannot be found in the White obesity gene variants of more than 750.The discrepancy in intra-ethnic gene count could be caused by environmental differences, and the propensity for westerners to over-report gene variants with no research control on environment whilst Asians are more culturally homogenous. Newer research has mechanisms[25] to counteract such issues.

Note: Genetic risk of obesity and BMI is independent[26] of birth weight and waist-to-hip ratio (alternative indicators of Life history or body Feminization)

Alternative Hypothesis: "You cannot blame genetics"[edit | edit source]

Harvard[27] popularized the idea that "physical activity outweighs the FTO gene", where they claim that genetics can only be 3% effective as a cause of obesity. However there are other issues with this line of reasoning, that physical activity and metabolism are also genetically driven(Gene expression[28], Twin Studies[29]), and that there are triple-digits worth of genes that are in relation to obesity[30].

"Fatcel is volcel" argument[edit | edit source]

The "fatcel is volcel" argument states that you can’t call yourself involuntary celibate if you haven’t made an effort to exercise and thereby make yourself more appealing, or lost enough pounds to be at a healthy weight. Fatcels are in fact hated by truecels.

The main reason that fatcels are hated by truecels is because fatcels are often Chadlite or High-tier normie in disguise. Their disguise is the layer of fat, which if lost, removes the masquerade that they are in any way, shape or form associated with incelibacy.

Thus, fatcels undermine the plight of actual truecels who can‘t get laid no matter how much looksmaxxing they do. A real truecel can get muscular, shredded, fashionable, tanned and get a haircut but he would still face nonredamancy due to being a combination of mentalcel, uglycel, etc.

Therefore, fatcels self-describing as "incel" or "incelibate" or "truecel" causes harm and is actually a form of abuse against truecels who keep their weight in check. These abusive fatcels create the stereotype that permavirgin loveshies are actually voluntarily celibate because they‘re lazy pieces of shit who don‘t care about their hygiene. As such they give more ammo for the incelphobes or clueless noncels to continue with their chadsplaining platitude barrage.

(Editor's note: The main issue in determining if this is true, is to observe those who are biologically masculinized and feminized to go through a "glow-up" and observe if anything has changed). TBD

"Fatcel is volcel" counter-argument[edit | edit source]

It can be argued that if fatcels did not have a teen love due to being fat, or have been rejected during such a long time due to their weight that they became mentalcels, then fatcels are not volcels.

It can also be argued that fatcel may or may not be able to lose the fat due to a difficult frame, and that such Framecel are less likely to be Chadlite or High-tier normie even if they become Gymcel.

Causes for being overweight[edit | edit source]

See also: Causes of inceldom

A 2018 genetic study on European population has found that the tendency to do sport was linked to genetic traits.[31] Another genetic study, performed using a wide range of populations, has found that the body fat percentage was linked to some genetic factors.[32] Genetic weight is also linked to genetics, at least among Europeans.[33] Whether one has an higher or lower body mass index is also linked to genetic traits.[34] Obesity has been found to be highly (77%) genetically inheritable.[35]

In regards to the SMTM Blog theory of obesity, it has noted that certain genetics can also develop resistances[17] to endocrine disruptors and psychiatric contaminants.

Fatcels might be fast life history strategists when it comes to eating habits, and thus cannot refrain from eating fatty or sweet foods.

Solutions for Chronic Fatcels[edit | edit source]

If you can get on semaglutide (Wegovy/Ozempic) or (preferrably) tirzepatide (Mounjaro), those produce peerless weight loss results. There's medical weight loss telehealth companies that specialize in writing prescriptions for those drugs, and you can also get a prescription from your primary-care doctor if they aren't a total CICOcel. There's compounding-pharmacy options if the price of the drugs / insurance coverage is an issue, ask around or go on reddit for details.

If contaminants are the major issue, it is safe to advice such peoples to leave coastal areas near industrial regions, and move into less contaminated and/or high altitude areas e.g. SEAmaxx.

Here are some other options for Chadlite and High-tier normie. From a European perspective, those high-altitude states that have less obesity in general[36] has less obese women and more obese men[37], particularly Nordic and Germanic states. From an American perspective, the Northwest and Rocky Mountain states has the best chances in beating environmental stressors[38][39]. (Note: please be aware of the region's law on Feminism and Femoid complacency)

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References[edit | edit source]

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