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A fatcel (image from the "Make Love, Not Warcraft" episode of South Park).

A fatcel is someone who is on the inceldom spectrum due to obesity. Fatcels are widely viewed as volcels in both the mancel incelosphere and the femcel one. This is because obesity is seen by most as something changeable. A common interjection in the incelosphere is "fatcel = volcel". Notable fatcels include BrendioEEE and Virgin Messiah.

One study found a correlation between adulthood sexual inexperience and obesity.[1] Some believe obesity should be considered a form of disability.

"Fatcel is volcel" argument[edit | edit source]

You can’t call yourself involuntary celibate if you haven’t made an effort to exercise and thereby make yourself more appealing, or lost enough pounds to be at a healthy weight. Fatcels are in fact hated by truecels.

The main reason that fatcels are hated by truecels is because fatcels are actually Chadlite or High-tier normie in disguise. Their disguise is the layer of fat, which if lost, removes the masquerade that they are in any way, shape or form associated with incelibacy.[citation needed]

Fatcels undermine the plight of actual truecels who can‘t get laid no matter how much looksmaxxing they do. A real truecel can get muscular, shredded, fashionable, tanned and get a haircut but he would still face nonredamancy due to being a combination of mentalcel, uglycel, etc.

Fatcels self-describing as "incel" or "incelibate" or "truecel" causes harm and is actually a form of abuse against truecels who keep their weight in check. These abusive fatcels create the stereotype that permavirgin loveshies are actually voluntarily celibate because they‘re lazy pieces of shit who don‘t care about their hygiene. As such they give more ammo for the incelphobes or clueless noncels to continue with their chadsplaining platitude barrage.

However, it can be argued that if fatcels did not have a teen love due to being fat, or have been rejected during such a long time due to their weight that they became mentalcels, fatcels are not volcels.

Causes for being a fatcel[edit | edit source]

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A 2018 genetic study on European population has found that the tendency to do sport was linked to genetic traits.[2] Another genetic study, performed using a wide range of populations, has found that the body fat percentage was linked to some genetic factors.[3] Genetic weight is also linked to genetics, at least among Europeans.[4] Whether one has an higher or lower body mass index is also linked to genetic traits.[5] Obesity has been found to be highly (77%) genetically inheritable.[6]

Fatcels might be fast life history strategists when it comes to eating habits, and thus cannot refrain from eating fatty or sweet foods.

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