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General Disclaimers[edit source]

This wiki aims to be a repository of information regarding the manosphere at large and incels in particular. The wiki also touches upon information that is considered germane to explaining the causes, effects, social phenomena and life circumstances associated with involuntary celibacy.

The wiki does not endorse any information added by users, as the wiki is a collaborative project and not every edit can be checked thoroughly. The administrators of this site endeavor to monitor & appropriately deal with any material which breaks the Wiki's rules. Still, we do not have the time to ensure all content adheres to said rules.

As such, any edits made are solely the user's responsibility making them. We expect them to be in accordance with the law. Incel Wiki takes no responsibility for any actions whatsoever of users or the readers. Incel Wiki is not, having distinct users, administrators and focus (informational vs social). Incel wiki does not support or condone violence. Incel wiki is broadly ideologically neutral and primarily aims to be an decently impartial source of information relevant to involuntarily celibacy and involuntary celibates. Incel Wiki has no association with Wikipedia or any other wiki.

Rules[edit source]

Main article: Editing rules, account creation, and other info
  • Do not post content violating US/international law (including copyright law). Do not call for violence or other illegal activity.
  • Do not create a page or write about someone under 18.
  • Do not create a page about yourself.
  • Do not make edits intentionally malicious towards incels, for example, calling incels 'subhumans', 'genetic trash,' and so on.
  • We define incel as a life circumstance, not as an organization, community, ideology, group, movement, etc.
  • Incel Wiki is descriptive, not prescriptive (we describe things as they are, or seem to be, and do not make calls to action)
  • Entertaining or otherwise valuable articles about memes or obscure theories do not need to be descriptive, contain citations or adhere to a formal/academic tone. Whether a meme or obscure theory article stays depends not on its accuracy but instead on its entertainment value.

Legal[edit source]

No ads or crypto software are running on this site. No one is making money from or profiting off the site or any pages on the site. All images and text are used for commentary or satirical purposes. Any licensed material used here falls under fair use, and any licensed material that does not fall under fair use will be removed when it is discovered.

License to use material[edit source]

As of now, there is no overarching CC license to use the material on the wiki. Some individual editors have chosen to release their writing to the public domain, which can be checked on the relevant user pages. If used for commentary or criticism, external use of wiki content may fall under fair use. Check the copyright law in the relevant legal jurisdiction. As such, we allow video makers/streamers to record the site and journalists/academia to excerpt it. Any material used for commentary purposes should NOT be altered, and it should be attributed.