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Sexual attraction is the desire to mate and/or to bond. Humans produce social signals when they are sexually attracted to someone. Most of sexual attraction is merely about looks,[1] but women care about status, strength and resources in addition to that.

Aspects of human sexual attraction[edit | edit source]

Overall, men are much more attracted to women than vice-versa as e.g. research into sex drive suggests. Many blackpillers claim women can only truly love dominant and attrative high status men.

Men desire certainty about their paternity, so they tend to prefer nice women who are obedient and virgins,[2] who smile at the man and laugh about his jokes.[3] Women, on the other desire protection. Since nice men seem weak and manipulative, women do not choose them, except when the woman is exceptionally non-hyergamous or autistic, or when the nice man happens to be physically strong or is high status. Women fake orgasms by moaning which is largely unrelated to their actual orgasm, because women want to make her partner think that she is more attracted to him over other men. This is to manipulate the man to invest in her and her offspring more. They do this more to more physically attractive and manly men. Besides faking orgasm, many women also fake their attraction to the man she is with. This is to manipulate the man to invest in her more.

Some suggested, men may have evolved an ability to detect women who are faking their attraction to him.

Men are turned on by women who make "flirty faces" with eye contact, but turned off by women who make "flirty faces" with no eye contact.[4] This makes sense because women who make flirty faces with no eye contact suggests that she is attracted to other men other than the viewer himself.

Some suggest, men like emotional sex because emotional sex is a prerequisite for loyalty. The more emotionally committed the woman is with her man, the more loyal she would be to him. Therefore evolution explains why men like emotional sex. Women rather like rough sex, presumably to test the physical strength of her partner, and hence his ability to protect.

Many woman say that they are "heartbroken" by alpha males when in fact they mutually agree to have short-term relationships with the alpha males. Women often seem to only pretend they were heartbroken such that they appear innocent and not slutty having engaged in casual sex. This is to make themselves more desirable for men interested long-term investment because it gives an impression of reliability, honesty etc., which men desire. That fact that women, on the other hand, truly desire attracting and testing many strong men to get good genes and good protection, is an instance of sexual conflict. However, women would have sex with a jock within 24 hours after breaking up from a long-term relationship.[5] Women do this to raise their self-esteem after breaking apart. In fact, mate poaching is extremely common. After having gained access to Chad once, women are generally "chadstruck" and will become less sexually attracted to other males, in fact leading them to hate non-Chad males.[6]

Indicators of female attraction[edit | edit source]

  • Dilation of the pupil

Some of the models I worked with were instructed to put eye drops in their eyes before their photo shoot as dilated pupils in models who are used to sell products increase sales by up to 40%. This is because the buyer will find a model (and therefore the product) more attractive (subconsciously thinking that the dilated pupil model is excited to see them in the photo). Similarly, prostitutes in the 19th century would apply drops of Belladona containing atropine for pupil dilation. Just look at the picture below and see which eye you find more appealing: the dilated pupil or the beady snake eyed pupil? Contracted Pupils have the opposite meaning, as when we feel angry or negative towards something our pupils will contract. Imagine playing Poker – you would have the upper hand by being able to observe the opponents pupils…[1]

  • She laughs at your jokes, in fact males are more attracted to females who laugh at their jokes.[7] Some suggested this is how production and appreciation of humor arose, i.e. by sexual selection,[7] but this notion is challenged by the fact that courtship is mainly about looks and IQ is not predictive of romantic interest very much at all.[8] More likely it arose in competing for jokes and intelligence among men, leading to increased reproductive success via high status.[9]
  • She has sex with you immediately after breaking up with her boyfriend [10]

References[edit | edit source]

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