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Casual sex or hooking up is nowadays considered "cool" among teenagers and young adults. Many argue that Tinder and similar dating apps are now the primary outlets for adults seeking other adults to have casual sex. Due to their convenience, it is frequently argued that these apps also increased the prevalence of casual sex, though only for a chosen few males.

Most self-proclaimed incels, typically blackpillers and traditionalists, hate the notion of casual sex. They claim it leads to sexual envy and higher male intrasexual competition, which both feed social instability. They argue that, due to female hypergamy (and other reasons), it only benefits high-SMV males and men with anti-social personality traits. Furthermore, they argue promiscuity and the social acceptance of it commonly leads to social ills such as fatherless children, an increase in sexually transmitted disease, and wasted "sexual energy". There is, however, a small minority of those in the incelosphere who support casual sex. This support is typically either because these individuals think women should be public utilities for men to use at their pleasure or because they are under the impression that "a rising tide will lift all boats". The idea is that granting women sexual freedom and encouraging them to be sluts will increase male sexual access in general, even if this access is skewed.

These differing opinions on the favorability of norms encouraging casual sex are most likely a function of these individuals' own sexual strategies, political beliefs, and attitudes towards cultural institutions such as monogamy. Essentially, the argument is about whether it is preferable that sexual promiscuity is restrained and whether this restraint is beneficial to maintaining and preserving advanced civilizations. Proponents of sexual restraint argue it promotes greater sexual access by men who exhibit pro-social behavior (such as economic productivity and altruism) or are of low social status, and that it promotes marital stability, and thus generally creates eucivic incentives. Proponents of sexual liberation typically dispute both points. They often argue that it is possible to socially engineer women to be more egalitarian regarding their sexual choices and that promiscuity is not strongly related to contemporary social problems.

In evolutionary terms, casual sex is associated with a fast life history strategy of low investment in the nurturance of offspring and high investment into mating effort. In regards to the individual predictors of engagement with casual sex, these seem to include (in both sexes) an unrestricted sociosexual orientation (positive attitudes towards casual sex), an avoidant attachment style (in males),[1] low sexual disgust,[2] elevated levels of the dark triad traits, poor impulse control,[3] and perhaps insensitivity towards/lower levels of hormones and neurotransmitters related to pair-bonding.[4]

Gender[edit | edit source]

For men, casual sex is more exciting to them because of increased perceived mutual attraction and sexual variety. For women, casual sex is more exciting to them because they could be more hypergamous in their choice of men.

Females have higher standards for who they choose to have casual sex with than men. Physical attractiveness is the most important when it comes to casual sex.[5][6][7] Females are highly selective when it comes to casual sex not because they dislike casual sex. It's because women know they could get the hottest guy for casual sex.

“I will go out ‘sharking’ – with the specific intention of finding a hot guy to have sex with – and I’m usually successful,” says Milly. “I don’t have a boyfriend, but why should that stop me enjoying sex?”[8]

Dad is disappoint

Female teenagers feel awkward when discussing casual sex to their parents. This is because many parents condemn casual sex, particularly to their daughters. Brothers also condemn casual sex to their sisters.

For this reason, many females choose to attend a university far away from home.

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References[edit | edit source]

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