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A gigastacy is a woman who is a 10 out of 10 on the decile scale and is the female counterpart to Gigachad. Gigastacy is a goddess on Earth who would hardly acknowledge the existence of an average male and likely no beta male has ever even dared to approach out of fear of losing face.

Gigastacy mogs the average Stacy by having a supermodel-tier appearance. Gigastacy may also be tall and gymmaxxed at times, but that's not as strong a prerequisite as for Gigachad.

Gigastacy also has the most extensive wardrobe of any Stacy, with a large collection of jewelry, high-end shoes, clothing, and accessories. Gigastacy is typically described as attractive, with very long, blonde hair, and flirty.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Sport: Paige Spiranac, (runner-up) Camila Giorgi (consolation) Michelle Jenneke
  • Music: Beyonce (runner-up) Cassie (consolation) Nandi Madida
  • Models: Irina Shayk, (consolation) Mahlagha Jaberi, Sylvie Meis (at a younger age)
  • Acting: Megan Fox, (runner-up) Margot Robbie (consolation) Jessica Alba

An example of a white gigastacy includes Margot Robbie, examples of Oceanian/Aboriginal gigastacies include Samantha Harris and Sarsha Chisholm, of black gigastacies include Rihanna, Lola Chuil, and Jourdan Dunn, of an oriental/East Asian gigastacy includes Angelababy, of a Jewish gigastacy includes Gal Gadot, of a Middle Eastern gigastacy includes Zeinab Sherazi, and of an Indian gigastacy includes Aishwarya Rai.

Examples of former gigastacies include the late Amanda Peterson ca. 1985-1991, Britney Spears ca. 1999-2004, Lindsay Lohan ca. 2001-2008, Bella Thorne ca. 2011-2014, and the late Raudha Athif ca. 2014-2017.

Some gigastacies can retain their highly attractive looks well into older age. Examples of older gigastacies include Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Gwen Stefani, and Melania Trump.

Indeed, there are even transgender gigastacies such as Emma Ellingsen, Ella Grant, and Valentina Sampaio.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Gigastacies are stunning looking even without fakeup, having an hour-glass figure, missile-like breasts, a pussy that glitters with gold, has a high-metabolism, doesn't milkmire very soon. Full hair composition, arched back as a natural standing position, full thick lips, feminine, voice isn't too loud, has some semblance of shyness, but isn't a social repellent, has a flat belly, and clear skin. Most Gigastacies are well aware of their good looks. Some react with indifference to this fact, but for others, the constant validation has made them vain and solipsistic. In extreme situations, this has led to sociopathic tendencies, as is the case with Natasha Aponte, who eventually sought to set some sort of catfishing record after luring hundreds of guys, later to tell them they're in a competition instead of a date.[1]

Types of mogging[edit | edit source]

Unlike Stacies, who may only mog other women via a single or a couple of superior features, Gigastacyies mog other women in a larger variety of ways. Gigastacy may facemog other women, like Thylane Blondeau; May voicemog other women, like successful female ASMRtists; skinmog other women, due to never experiencing acne, even during puberty; also breastmogs other women when wearing a bikini or swimsuit. Finally, Gigastacy also buttmogs other women, as Jennifer Lopez has been widely known for doing.

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