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The just-world fallacy, or just-world hypothesis, is the blackpilled cognitive bias assuming that "people get what they deserve". It's believed that the world is inherently fair, and consequently, that the moral standings of our actions will determine our outcomes.[1]

Inequalities in society[edit | edit source]

Differences within sex[edit | edit source]

Societal benefits often favour and advocate female behavior (e.g school system, divorces/alimony, affirmative action...), resulting in neglect of men and their issues.

Expectations, such as accumulating money or being of a higher status, are set higher for men, imposing an intense pressure on men.

Education[edit | edit source]

With the emergence of affirmative action, women and ethnic (excluding asian) individuals are getting granted places in top universities due to the quota they've been imposed on.

Height[edit | edit source]

Among shorter men, the rate of experiencing ostracization and marginalization through out life is higher and overlooked or even laughed at by society, arising the suicide rate among shorter men drastically. [2][3]

Race[edit | edit source]

It has been statistically proven that individuals - especially men - of non-white origin experience harsh rejection due to their race, as seen in dating or general societal status.[4]

Intelligence[edit | edit source]

The vast majority of one's intelligence is determined by genetics, not being in one's control. [5]

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