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Inbreeding depression is a stark decrease in an organism's ability to survive and reproduce due to an abundance of harmful and or unattractive recessive genes from their parents and ancestors inter-generational inbreeding.[1] In the incelosphere the term most often applies to male ethnics in white countries being forced to reproduce with cousins or no one at all.

The historical cause was usually one family living in a small area, isolated from mainstream society, due to some geographical barrier, thus being forced to reproduce amongst themselves, creating a behavioral sink. The family never develops a functioning society, separation of people into new families based on traits such as athletic ability, intelligence, skin or hair color, formal mating rituals etc.

Evolution favors offspring of parents whom travel outside of their home towns and cities, to acquire mates. However evolution punishes the offspring of parents whom travel too far! Blackpill memes show SEAmaxxing, where white men travel to the other side of the planet to acquire South East Asian females, leads to outbreeding depression, as well as extreme regression toward the mean in their HAPA, mixed race offspring. A good rule of thumb for the ascended incel is to travel outside of the home town or city one was born in, as far as the next state or country over, but not a completely different continent, to meet foids to reproduce with.

Inbreeding depression checklist[edit | edit source]

  • Still living in the city you were born in?

If not great.

  • If so have you and your family been living there for more than 3 generations?
  • Are you and or your family in love with the city and would never leave under any circumstance, no matter how dire?
  • Has leaving the country you were born in never even crossed your mind?
  • Are you currently young and in the prime of your life but incel, due to looks and or mentalceldom?
  • If you were not incel would you only date within social class?
  • Are you exclusively, only attracted to women from your own ethnicity/country/city/town/or neighborhood?
  • Do people tell you, you "look" like your from X neighborhood or city?
  • Do you make music about how great your city/state/country is?

The more "yes" answers to these questions the more likely a person currently is in the midst of an inbred depression.

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