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A blackcel is a subset of the ethnicel, meaning he is someone of sub-Saharan African descent who is also involuntarily celibate due to the fact that he is rejected for being black. Studies and statistics have shown black women as being one of the most rejected races of women.[1] This rejection comes mostly from white, asian and hispanic men, but even among black men, black women tend to perform worse than women from other races.[2]

Examples[edit | edit source]

There are non-pacifist blackcels such as the Beta Upriser Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda; nonetheless, the vast majority are peaceful or even straight up gandhist pacifists such as the following

Potential Solution(s) For Blackcels[edit | edit source]

There are several potential solutions for blackcels who struggle with dating. One potential solution for black men, especially for those who live in a town/city which the majority of the population is white, is to look for love in a city that is more liberal and/or has a higher percentage of black people. Minorities who live in small towns that are predominantly white and tend to lean more traditional/conservative beliefs, may struggle in the dating game due to lack of the proper environment.

Also geomaxxing to other countries. Travel for the women but also travel as a regular tourist. Go to the museums and tourist attractions and learn about the country. There are plenty of success stories of Black men who travel to countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. If you want to stick to Black people go to countries in Africa the Caribbean and Latin America. Research each country you wish to go to and read about the success stories that a black person has had in finding a relationship with that particular race or ethnic group. Your chances of finding romance varies from country to country. For instance in Japan you have a much higher chance of getting in a relationship then you would in China. This is also due to the fact that certain countries have a familiarity with black men and black culture due to the presence of US military. Even if you are not in the military try to link up with black men who are or were stationed in those countries and get the rundown from them.

Also be open to pay for play and budget your money wisely. if it feels like she's asking for too much then just say no. And always negotiate to get the lowest price. I coined a new term called the housewife experience (HWE) where if you meet a woman via pay for play and she is reasonably affordable, y'all come to an agreement to stay together for a certain amount of time, and have her cook and clean at your Airbnb, it can be one of the best uses for your money. And if she's willing to travel with you around the country it can be very fulfilling. And finally if you get to a point she no longer asks for money but will stay you, got a winner.

If you have a decent retirement or a cash flow from a property or some sort of investment, or you are a digital nomad take that money and find a place overseas to live for a while.

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