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Adult females are a pay-to-cum[1][2], horror DDLG roleplaying game. Due to bloatware and the increasing amount of resources required to install and maintain females, full romantic access is reserved for elite masochists. Many men have become bankrupt due to extortionate prices for temporary romantic subscriptions. Females' ability to exploit desperation makes them a common product in the Las Vegas strip and Romanian camstudios.

Females are primarily visual pattern seeking programs. Ths is partially explained via the sexy son hypothesis. Hybristophilia, scelerophilia and hypergamy are hardwired personality settings. These settings were modeled after female mammals that you can find at Kruger National Park or in Masai Mara. The criteria among female mammals for male partners in these game reserves or ecosystems is often for whomever is the most brutal and cruel.

The game mechanics are referred to by some in the manosphere as foidism, or as an adjective, "being foidy".


Societal treatment of females[edit | edit source]

Society claims that female sexuality leans more towards demisexuality than allosexuality. Modern society increasingly promotes anililagnia (also known as graophilia or matronolagnia), which is male attraction to older female. There is also some promotion of adipophilia, attraction to obese female. These trends are almost entirely derived from female-spearheaded campaigns.

Reproductive privilege[edit | edit source]

Historically, females were 17 times more likely to find a mate than men.[3] In the western world, increasingly, men are opting out of freemixing with female. On subreddits such as MensRights, the legal hazards that freemixing with female often entails are often cited as the reason. female often encourage hypergamy among one another.[4]

Foidy behaviour[edit | edit source]

For malecel truecels, the primary perception of a female is that of a sexual gatekeeper. Statistics show that female rate an incredible 80% of men as unattractive.[5] As law enforcement increasingly favors females, females have begun using ravishoaxes (false rape accusations) as a trump card when in a dispute with a man. False rape accusations even happen in cases completely unrelated to dating or sex. For example there have been cases of female ravishoaxing even when the interaction was absolutely mundane, involving a mere exchange of pleasantries. The reason femalse can get away with incessant FRA (false rape accusation) is that the latter isn't viewed as evil as the former. Society finds it useful as well because it can neutralize the male natural advantage of physical strength, thereby, making females as, or in the case of particularly cunning female, more powerful than males in public life. Why is modern society apathetic to such injustice? Its in the name of "gender equality". Its an attempt to abrogate the natural difference in male-to-female muscle mass. You can't abrogate the difference in male-to-female body mass naturally, nor via medicine, no matter how many steroids you could hypothetically and systematically pump into female; as such, you must do it via the legal system. female HAVE to be given legal prerogatives in order to emancipate themselves from the inequity of estrogen vis-a-vis testosterone. But how could that possibly be done? How could you possibly reverse millions of years of Darwinian physical adaptations that bifurcate from agamogony that eventually produced the difference in strength between the gentle sex (i.e. the female) and the sterner sex (i.e. the man)? Its by producing that all-encompassing trump card; that threat that says "hey, if you don't do as I say, I will tell others that you raped me". The modern woman, well aware of the terrifying nature of producing such a trump card, always keeps one near at hand and easily accessible. One on the buttoned-flap on her blouse, another in the zipper in her purse, and another on the patch-pocket on the buttocks of her trousers. Although there has been minimal studies on false rape accusations, there have been exactly ZERO studies on false rape accusation threats. Whereas in the former scenario, the woman is adament that her false exhortations are true, in the latter scenario, the woman admits that she's being fraudulent, but is comfortable enough that she won't face repercussions for making such a false accusation, thereby can manipulate men into following her orders.

Pussy pass[edit | edit source]

Various forms of reverse sexism such as the pussy pass has resulted in multiple manosphere groups forming, including those such as hetooism that oppose the pussypass. Lena Dunham is a perfect example of how female get away for behaviour that would get men blasted for a lifetime. Dunham admitted that she encouraged her own little sister to finger herself, yet noone in the media referred to her as an korephilic incestual or a weird korophile.

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