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Women are humans who have a vulva. They are biologically wired to be hybristophilic. Historically, women were 17 times more likely to find a mate than men.[1] In the western world, increasingly, men are opting out of freemixing with women. Women often encourage hypergamy among one another.[2]

Some people claim that female sexuality leans more towards demisexuality than allosexuality. Modern society increasingly promotes anililagnia (also known as graophilia or matronolagnia), which is male attraction to older women. There is also some promotion of adipophilia, attraction to obese women.

For malecel truecels, the primary perception of a woman is that of a sexual gatekeeper. Statistics show that women rate an incredible 80% of men as unattractive.[3] As law enforcement increasingly favors women, women have begun using ravishoaxes (false rape accusations) as a trump card when in a dispute with a man.

Pussy pass[edit]

Various forms of reverse sexism such as the pussy pass has resulted in multiple manosphere groups forming, including those such as hetooism that oppose the pussypass. Lena Dunham is a perfect example of how women get away for behaviour that would get men blasted for a lifetime. Dunham admitted that she encouraged her own little sister to finger herself, yet noone in the media referred to her as an korephilic incestual or a weird korophile.

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