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Mata Hari, a famous historical femme fatale.

Femme fatale, maneater or vamp is a common literary trope/archetype that is found in cautionary tales from around the globe warning men of the dangers and dire consequences of becoming involved with a pretty woman who is a stranger.[1] It's basically women who may abuse the man, getting resources from him and then move on with another man as soon an opportunity arises, of which there are infinitely many for a beautiful young woman. That women can "twist men around their little fingers" despite being physically weaker is explained by the principle of least interest and Briffault's law.

Evidence of maneatersEdit

A prevalence of women ruthlessly exploiting men's resources can be seen in that as many as 23-33% of women have gone on dates only to get a free meal.[2] The rate of female infidelity has risen considerably in the recent decades, having caught up with men among millennials,[3] with women initiating more divorces than men,[4] providing evidence that women quite easily switch mates when the opportunity arises. The wish and naturalness with which women attach themselves to a better, more powerful man when available can be explained by the bodyguard hypothesis and Bateman's principle.


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