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A Jock is a sports player or a bodybuilder. The stereotype is that they are facially handsome; however, a study showed no correlation between general physical fitness and facial attractiveness in men.[1] This means most jocks are probably not Chad or GigaChad. A man's athleticism is an extremely important metric for popularity from an early age, as young as 4th grade, with high athletic ability being either #1 or #2 depending on the study for popularity, along with high facial attractiveness.[2][3] With getting good grades third for popularity.

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In America, Gridiron football is the most popular sport,[4] with quarterback being the most prestigious position. Followed by basketball and then baseball. The value of being a top recruit is exponentially more popularity, culminating in a large national social media following. In 2022 only 10 out of 100 top star high school football recruits were white, the rest were African American, and of the top 1,000 4-5 star high school football recruits, nearly all of them are African American with no East Asians, South Asians or Native Americans/Mexican Americans.[5]. The top 100 basketball players in the nation are also nearly entirely African American, with only 14 players being white.[6] Finally, among baseball, of the top 100 high school athletes, 75 were white with 3 Hispanics and the rest African American.[7]

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