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Lips are an important feature of facial aesthetics.

Sex differences[edit | edit source]

Thin lips are commonly regarded as masculine. However, this is a misconception because males actually don't have thinner lips than females[1] Males have larger skulls which makes their lips appear thinner. A long chin makes the lips appear thinner as well.

Females have lips that are more plump (anterior projection).[1] Plump lips advertise youth because lips get thinner with age.[2]

Racial differences[edit | edit source]

Blacks have genetically thicker lips. Thick lips are useful in chewing hard foods because they protect the lips from being damaged.

Ideal lips[edit | edit source]

Lips should have a pronounced vermilion border. A pronounced vermilion border indicates lack of orbicularis oris hypertrophy. A correct swallowing pattern helps to prevent this hypertrophy.

Jeremy Meeks has ideal lips.


References[edit | edit source]

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