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The vagina is a bodily orifice (euphemism for hole) which is possessed by female vertebrates. Among humans this hole is used for 4 things; (a) giving birth, (b) shedding menstrual waste once a month, (c) baiting men into giving them resources, (d) pleasuring oneself as a leisure activity.

The self-pleasuring aspect was traditionally carried out by a spouse, but increasingly women engage in self-pleasure through ever more sophisticated toys such as dildos as they are economically liberated. 21st century women have outright weaponized their vagina by overvaluing it through the pussy pass and by threats of false vagina-related accusations. Some incels claim women can pee out the vagina, but this is unsubstantiated by the latest research.

It's a common myth that the hymen would break during first intercourse, but that's just false partly due to it being stretchy and partly because many women do not have a very narrow hymen to begin with;[1] there is four types of hymen.[2]

Sex difference in visual arousal[edit | edit source]

The mere sight of female genitals is highly sexually arousing to males, but females are not very aroused by male genitals as explained by differences in sex drive caused by differences in parental investment. However women often "get wet" due to even remotely sexual visual stimuli, without reporting sexual arousal. This has been hypothesized to be a reflex to prevent damage from rape. As a result women even get wet looking at animals having sex.[3]

There have been a number of scientific results on women's genital arousal being more arbitrary and less predictable/specific than men's, e.g. being elicited both by hetero- and homosexual visual stimuli, while men's phallometric response is more heterosexual and correlates more closely with their sexual arousal. However, more recent research points to methodical weaknesses in older results, and suggests that women's genital response is just as specifically tuned to the opposite sex as it is the case in males, but only when tasked to pay voluntary attention to the stimuli at hand.[4][5] Some people - both males and females - have a condition which is called eurotophobia: the aversion or disliking of female genitalia. "[T]he hallmark of eurotophobia is that it exceeds the disinclinations shown by most people [toward female genitalia], and is a trait that can inauspiciously affect both men and women"[6]

Related organs[edit | edit source]

The clit controls vaginal tightness, see here how.

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