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Heightmaxxing is the process through which a person increases their height. This is mostly a male practice due to the systemic oppression of short men. There is no known means of increasing someone's height at an adult age through natural growth except in the case of rare diseases like gigantism. There are three main forms of heightmaxxing from the most to the least common: wearing shoe lifts, taking bioenchancers (such as peptides, pharmaceuticals, and growth hormone) and leg lenghtening surgery.

Heels[edit | edit source]

Wearing heels to enhance height is common practice among both men and women. Current social norms limit the size of men's heels to 1 inch (2.5cm). It is however socially acceptable for women to wear heels of any size.

Shoe lifts[edit | edit source]

Shoe lifts are removable pieces of plastic that can be insterted in one's shoes. The user can decide how many sections of shoe lift need to be inserted: with one section the user can obtain almost 2 extra centimeters, with two sections the users can obatain more than two centimeters. Inserting more than two sections leads to significant difficulties in walking. Although wearing shoe lifts is not socially acceptable, it is a common means of heightmaxxing especially among male celebrities. Due to social norms allowing women to wear heels of any size, females rarely see the need to wear shoe lifts. Shoe Lift best fit to shoes that cover the ankle like boots.

Elevator shoes[edit | edit source]

It's possible to buy online shoes that contain embedded shoe lifts. This kind of shoes are way more comfortable than boots containing removable shoe lifts.

Leg lengthening surgery[edit | edit source]

Because shortcels can only add 2 to 3 inches to their height through wearing heels and hidden lifts, which is not enough to overcome their subhumanity, the only solution left is leg lengthening surgery. This surgery consists in breaking the tibia or femur and pulling the two broken parts apart with the help of metallic rods so the bone can reform in the empty space in between and produce a longer tibia or femur. The process of pulling the broken bone parts apart takes at least 1 or 2 months depending on the desired length with a progress of maximum 1mm a day. The process of healing takes a few months more. It is possible to add up to 4 inches (10cm) to the tibia or to the femur although most surgeons advice not to go past 2 inches (5cm) in each bone. Both tibias and femurs can be lengthened although at different times. This is a dangerous surgery that can produce complications including the inability to run depending on how much the bones were lengthened, but this is rare. Most of times people recovers well. It's very important to do stretching and clean the pin sites to avoid infection (external methods).

Its a expensive surgery, and it could be really painful sometimes (depending on method and painkillers usage), but when finished the person is taller. Contrary to the popular belief, when finished the bone is not weaker, because the bone callus is replaced with bone, because bones are destroyed and rebuilt continuously.

A man whose pseudonym is Apotheosis was reported to have grown 8 inches (20cm) through leg lengthening surgery.[1]

Methods[edit | edit source]

  • Externals: In these methods the support of the bone is placed outside the skin, so the skin remains pierced until the procedure is done, so there is a greater risk of infection (pins must be cleaned), but they are also safer for the bone and allow simultaneous corrections for curved bones:
    • Ilizarov: This method was the original, and Ilizarov apparatus is placed around the limb, and small nails are placed to hold the bone in place. This device allows to lengthen the bone turning some nuts. It's not very expensive, but it is uncomfortable.
    • Holyfix: This method is like the previous, but the bone is hold from a side, so it's more comfortable, it's not very expensive.
  • Internal: There are different devices which differs between them, but all of them consists in a rod which are placed inside the bone and holds it from inside, and the lengthening phase begins. When the bone consolidates, the nail is removed. They are very expensive, but improves the comfortability and don't have risk of infection (only at surgery). The lengthening process is done through magnetic turnover of an internal nut, or done twisting the foot. Some devices are not reversible (this is a problem if the bone doesn't make a callus). Another problem is that dome devices are not weight bearing, so the user must be careful when walking. These methods offers a shorter period of consolidation, because the bone is stimulated when moving. When done tibia lengthening, the rod must be inserted very near the joint, so there is a small risk of long therm pain (which usually heals). There is an interesting option with certain devices, when the bone is consolidated the nail is not removed, instead of that, the bone is broken again, so it allows to add more inches or centimetres to the previous lengthening, with this method 16 cm (6' ¼) can be gained with two pair of 8 cm nails. This option is safer than doing 8 cm in a single stage.
  • Mixed:
    • LATN (lengthening and then nailing): Bone is lengthened with an Ilizarov apparatus, but when the lengthening period finishes, a nail is inserted inside the bone and the Ilizarov apparatus is removed. When the bone consolidates, the nail is removed.
    • LON (lengthening over nail): A nail inside the bone and a external nail are placed, then, the lengthening starts, when finished, the internal nail is locked and the external frame removed. When the bone consolidates, the nail is removed.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Be sure of what you want, this is a complex surgery, takes time and patient must do a lot of stretching. This surgery has some risk (most of them fixable) and it is painful at certain stages, but it can improve the body because the height gained is real, like tall people.
  • Gather as many information as you can about the procedure, doctor, method used, alternatives...
  • Follow the instruction of your doctor (stretching, pin care if you use externals, walk carefully if the nail is not weight bearing...).
  • Be patient, this procedure takes its time to complete.

http://www.limblengtheningforum.com/index.php is a forum used to share thoughts and experiences about this surgery.

Growth Plate Fusion[edit | edit source]

Before the growth plates have fused it is possible to add a few inches by injecting Human Growth Hormone, or taking GH secretagogues, (usually peptides, which may be oral or injected).

Fusion can be delayed by using Aromatase Inhibitors, which inhibit the conversion androgen/testosterone precursors to estrogen, which has a key role in fusion. They are most used by post-menopausal women to prevent breast cancer, and in PCT to prevent gynecomastia. On online grey-market sites Arimistane can be purchased in capsule form for relatively cheap, (~$40).

A decrease in DNA methylation is what causes fusion. To boost it, you can use the widely available supplements SAM-E and MSM. 1500mg and 1000mg respectively are reccomended for daily dosage.

Peptides[edit | edit source]

Using various peptide together aka a stack to get taller. Cheaper alternative to HGH and wont break your bank or make your organs bigger. Generic peptide stack Mod grf 1-29, and GHRP-2 for one week 100mcg x3 a day then switching the GHRP-2 for Hexarelin for two weeks then back to GHRP-2. Cheap stack about $110 together get on an aromatose inhibitor if it actually does something to you. If this section seems like ass im sorry it is but no one has added any info for this section on my various visits so this is just a place holder

References[edit | edit source]



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