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The .me logo. A new logo was not created for the brief .co domain in mid-March 2021, nor for the .ax domain in late March 2021. Includes slogan "Aesthetics matter."

Looksmax.org is a male self-improvement forum where users can freely discuss many looksmaxxing methods such as surgery, fitness, and nutrition, as well as moneymaxxing. This forum was created and founded by SergeantIncel and Master as a better alternative to lookism websites of low quality. It also features a Best of the Best section, where many high-quality threads can be found.

It also has a Looksmax Questions section that is in a Q&A format where member can ask questions in regard to looksmaxxing.

Previous URLs[edit | edit source]

Originally looksmax.me, the site changed URL on July 2018.

In March 2021, around the 23rd when incels.co relocated back to incels.is, looksmax.me moved to Looksmax.co due to the provider's suspension of the main domain, although no reason whatsoever was given for the suspension. However, the site moved back to looksmax.org and the looksmax.me domain now redirects to the .org domain.

The forum also has an official Telegram where news and notices are shared.

Birth[edit | edit source]

Serge explains, "It simply seemed like a natural progression for some incels, and there was a high demand for a looksmaxxing community where females looking for orbiters weren't allowed. I took a look at lookism and realized I could do far better. It's not perfect, but it's an improvement."[1]

Notable members[edit | edit source]

Limerencel averageblokecel ZyzzReincarnate Lifeisgood72
cocainecowboy Dr. Bludy 0hMan NumbThePain
Short Ugly and Brown Deliciadecu karbo Ritalincel
Entschuldigung MakinItHappenOG Biggdink Lev Peshkov
personalityinkwell londonvillie Tony Iasacrko
Juste Loox VermilionCore _MVP_
Esteban1997 Getshrekt 16 year mexicel PrinceLuenLeoncur
Wallenberg Turkproducer BigBiceps Pietrosiek
Amnesia Larsanova69 Thecel Salludon
Arvid CurlyHeadJames Xangsane AlexBrown84
8PSLcel ∞/zer0 Growth Plate Schery6
Zesto Nibba True_Cel/Gengar/Michael Myers RodeBlur
Zyros Badg96 TsarTsar44 goat2x
Beastimmug BrendioEEE emeraldglass Alexanderr
The Bull Baldingman1988 Blackgymmax BrahminBoss
Gargantuan Chad69 Preston(Squirtle)/ Jason Voorhes Richardspencel
Looks234 Lmao AverageJoe/Crisick kjsbdfiusdf
Disillusioned Titbot Bojack Forevergymcelling
Clavicular pneumocystosis enchanted_elixir Orc
mrriceguy moggergaston IAMNOTANINCEL Lebgfinal

Events[edit | edit source]

  • November 2018: Astrosky joins Looksmax and uses the forum to spread his theories; He will be banned in May 2019.
  • January 2019: Nibba starts a facial attractivity competition named 'mog battle'.
  • October 2019: In the wake of the vandalism of lookism.net (read: wholesale deletion of all threads) committed by Zesto using Josh's account, some members from lookism have migrated to looksmax.me, using their already existing accounts or creating new ones. This power vacuum has left looksmax.me as the largest and most active forum concerning looks theory and looksmaxxing that exists to date.
  • October 2019 - November 2019: The user Facemaxxed spends 27000 dollars at Eppley's clinic to get buccal fat removal, infraorbital rim implants, zygo implants and paranasal implants.
  • November 2019 - January 2020: The user Short Ugly and Brown posts about his love for his oneitis "Faith". She eventually discovers his postings of her and reports him to the school for fear that he would "rape her", and he gets expelled. She also then gets a restraining order on him.
  • June 2020: Chad1212 asserts his desire to assault his oneitis sexually and asks users to rate her, afterwards his thread gets exposed on IncelTears and gains attention in Reddit. Chad1212 had forgotten to crop the Instagram name of his oneitis in one of his threads, so a IT user manages to warn Chad1212's oneitis about that.
  • July 2020: The IT user who doxxed Chad1212 in turns get doxxed by .me users
  • March 2023: Blackpill content which originated on the incelosphere spreads on TikTok due to James Sapphire and normies begin to flood en masse.
  • August 2023: A tiktok creator, Dillon Latham name drops the forum bringing a large mass of lurkers & ultimately causing his doxx. This doxx in turn causes even far more attention on the forum with 30K users lurking at its peak
  • January 2024: The new year commences with R/autism deciding to post selfies of themselves to show autism has no face. Looksmax gets word of this and starts trolling the subreddit by spamming faces of members from the forum there and trolling in the comments as well. A new Saint known as Jackmoon drops due to this situation

Symbol[edit | edit source]

The green snakeheads split ∞ of 8chan.net
The yellow snake head+tail 90-degree rotated split ∞ of 8kun.top

The banner presently writes "Looks" in blue text and "max.me" in black text, drawing distinction between the first and second words.

The two Os in "LOOKS" are replaced with an "infinity" symbol ∞ in the classic Euler style.

This is similar to what 8chan.net used to use, which was also a horizontal green open-sideways-8 in the Euler style. Thus the slang "infinitechan". The only difference was that it was slightly slanted diagonally, with the right O being elevated to sit atop the "chan". Another difference is the gap has snake-like mouths, similar to the ouroboros except with two heads instead of a head and a tail.

8chan's focus on a snake (a long animal) might be related to 4chan's classic fascination with another long animal: the feline mascot "LongCat"

8chan also has the nickname "fullchan" which is derived from the nickname "halfchan" being ascribed to 4chan. Fourchan preceded Eightchan, but due to mass censorship over gamergate and other issues many of the members left. The idea being to imply than 8ch was at least twice as good as 4ch due to the greater freedom of speech, as well as other benefits like higher image posting (5 instead of 1 per post) and more variety of file uploading (you could upload videos instead of pictures) and more board variety (users could actually create their own boards, they're not limited to predetermined board names and subjects like 4chan).

The blue non-snake split ∞ of 8chan.moe
alternate 8kun aesthetic
The icon of looksmax.org

As of the shift to 8kun at 8kun.top the owners moved away from the green horizontal loops to a vertical yellow 8 incorporating a snake swallowing it's own tail. This was a shift closer towards the classic ouroborous symbol. but the 90-degrees rotation represented the massive shift that happened in chan>kun including the banning of /pol/ and it's replacement with /pnd/

8chan.moe which has different ownership harkens back closer to what 8chan.net used to be more faithfully than 8kun.top does, keeping the same diagonal orientation of the Euler infinity symbol.

One major difference in construction is that abandoned the two snake heads, moving away from the ouroboros. This flat-ended non-snake approach is basically what Looksmax.me uses.

The color choice of 8chan.moe being blue conveniently represented the split of the "green" site into it's primary colors (blue and yellow). The present 2020+ rival sites could be thought of as "InfinityBlue" (8kun.moe) and "InfinityYellow" (8kun.top). Although both 8chan.moe and Looksm.ax both use blue colors for their ∞, there is a distinction in tone/shade in that 8chan.moe (aka "8moe") uses a lighter blue (relating to it's love of cute things like "moe" anime, or joking about clownworld) while looksmax.org uses a darker more-serious blue, as appropriate for it's relation to the blackpill and the darker outlook on life.

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References[edit | edit source]



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