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Gymmaxxing also known as Gymcelling is a subset of Looksmaxxing, where beta males and Incels (in this case called Gymcels) attempt to hit up the gym to achieve a better physique, to "feel better about themselves" and to become more attractive to women, hoping to ascend. A man who has never attempted to gymmaxx, whilst having the ability and finances to do so, is sometimes accused of being a fakecel or volcel.

The payoff of Gymmaxxing plateaus once one reaches a certain level of regular effort, and plateaus exponentially faster the lower the baseline look level on the decile scale at which it is begun. It can push a 7 up to a 9; but not a 4 into a 6. The 4 will spend far more effort passing for a 5 than a 7 will passing for a 9.

A significantly larger portion of males makes working out a consistent part of their adult life than females--and 90% of females who bother to exercise beyond casual effort on an elliptical are already Stacylites or higher. While a Chadlite can increase his pool of options by spending hours getting ripped, a Tanner may actually lower his, as the kind of Becky who might settle for him won't want to put in the work, and doesn't want her laziness rubbed in her face. She will dump him for a lazy Chadlite with similar motivation-levels instead.

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