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The racepill is a subset of the blackpill which was popularized by various ethnicels, wherein they posit that a group of men suffer prejudice over conditions that are inherent to their race/ethnicity. The race pill seems to affect ricecels and currycels in particular, presumably as their conspecifics rather chase after white Chads or Chadlites instead, presumably as a result of hypergamy and the fact that in a majority White country, Whites tend to occupy prominent high status positions like film actors, politicians and in history.

Asians[edit | edit source]

The surplus of East Asian males among incels could also be related to their slower life history speed, which also might make female East Asians more neotenous and hence very attractive to other races, resulting in them marrying interracially much more than East Asian males. For more information, see Demographics § Race.

Asian men are twice as likely as Asian women to be unpartnered (35 per cent versus 18 per cent).[1]

Race vs height[edit | edit source]

A study by U. Chicago showed that race influenced a man's attractiveness to women moreso than height.[2]

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