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Political correctness (PC) is the well-intentioned attempt at regulating political speech in order to avoid hurting people's feelings. Its proponents assume that if one limits speech to nice words, everyone will be nice. And secondly, that people are immediately triggered and traumatized when they are hurt by words.

Both assumptions are false. Political correctness does not reduce conflict and hurt feelings at all, because insult finds its way. It simply defers insult to different means than offensive words, and also stifles freedom of expression. Secondly, coddled individuals have worse, not better psychological outcomes (antifragility).

The blackpill tends to be politically incorrect, as it involves a dispassionate and objective understanding of the world even at the risk that some individuals or groups may become upset or disheartened by inconvenient or unflattering truths. Political correctness not only impacts the work of politicians; it also forces scientists to either be less direct with their findings or completely avoid engaging in research on certain subjects.[1]

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ugly person genetically challenged, superficially inconvenienced
currycel Indian involuntary celibate
ugly person creep

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