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Clown world or clown society is a term used to describe trends in our modern and current society. its a term generally used by the alt-right movement,later adopted by the incel community. In meme culture it is often associated with clown pepe and honk honk.

Description[edit | edit source]

Clown society is a state where we feed delusions of other people instead of striking them down back to reality. this is the supposed end-result of PC culture (political-correctness).

Clownpill[edit | edit source]

The clownpill in pill jargon stands for people who know about the scientific blackpill but sees the world and their life anway as comedy to cope with that it's over and are ironic and sarcastic about it. So it could be seen as a form of the whitepill. A person who believes in this pill is also called honkler or clowner. The ideology mostly developed from the joker movie of 2019, which is often mentionend as the best incel and clowner movie. The act of improving this cope technique is called jestermaxxing or clownmaxxing. There are also men in bad/fake relationships who take the clownpill to cope with that there is no love or sex in relationship and they are only there for betabuxxing or other reasons.

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