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Volceldom is the state of being volcel, which is short for voluntarily celibate. It is the opposite and antonym of the word incel. Being volcel means you choose via volition to live a romanceless, dateless and sexless lifestyle. Men are pretty much never volcels unless they are low-T, extremely religious, made some strange ascetic vow, or prefer masturbation to sex with others. Male self-proclaimed Volcels are often suspected of being sex pests or pedophiles due to prominent child abuse scandals in the Catholic Church and other religious organizations. The term is also frequently employed in a derogatory fashion in the incelosphere, to imply that a particular incel isn't putting in enough effort to escape from his self-proclaimed status as "incel", or to claim that only those with very low or non-existent standards should be able to truly consider themselves incel.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Examples of volcels include "MGTOW monks", Christian and Buddhist monks and nuns, Catholic priests, sadhus, Qadiriyya or Haydariya Sufi saints, purity ballers, sex strikers, Skoptsy activists, extreme no-fappers (i.e. "semen retention"), sex strikers (usually female social activists), purity pledgers etc.

Some famous historical examples of individual volcels would be the Christian apostle Paul, who advised Christian men to eschew sexual intercourse and marriage, and the Buddha, who abandoned his wife and children to became an extreme ascetic monk. An extreme example of a Christian sect which practiced volceldom was the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, commonly known as the Shakers. Members of this sect were sworn to lifelong celibacy, which led to the group dying out due to this stricture, apart from a very small community that is currently still extant in the contemporary United States[1]

Another extreme example of historical volcels would be the early Christian 'desert fathers' (ascetic monks), the most egregious example of which being Simeon Stylites, a 5th century Christian ascetic who died a virgin at age 67 and lived for 37 years on the top of a 15-meter pillar to quell any possible sexual temptation.

Importance (obsolescence)[edit | edit source]

The term volcel is one of the most important terms in the incelese lexicon. That's because the volcel describes what incels are not. The English language is notorious for having words which initially had one definition, and then over time having the original meaning transformed into a totally different meaning.

The original meaning of the word incel, means involuntary celibate. There are ongoing efforts to make the meaning of this word obsolete. In order to stifle those efforts, one of the key instruments are announcing when its usage contrasts entirely with its original meaning, via the existence of the term volcel. This will stifle any attempt to make the literal meaning of the term incel obsolete.

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