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The homocel hypothesis is a model of male homosexuality that suggests that inceldom coupled with the blackpill (social exclusion, sexual frustration and hopelessness) eventually causes gayness. A similar model about "peripheralized" men (incels) engaging in homosexual relationships with men of higher status has also been proposed by clinical psychologist Frank Muscarella in 2001 (alliance formation theory).[1] Another related model is the trans-vestigiality hypothesis which states that incels turn gay and feminine to evade aggression from larger males, and then steal their mating opportunities as "sneaker males".

Evidence[edit | edit source]

Evidence for the homocel hypothesis can be found in prison homosexuality (see prisoncel), where sexually frustrated men engage in homosexual acts to fulfill their sexual needs. The more dominant male may imagine his sexual experience with women while doing so,[2] and the less dominant male is motivated to offer consensual sex in exchange for protection and resources.[3]

Peripheralized males engaging in homosexual behavior (grooming, penis display and touching, and sodomy) can be also found in various primate species, and has been observed in all-male societies of pirates, as well as in vulnerable British men transported to Australia as punishment for crimes. Homoerotically reinforced alliances between socially peripheralized males and males with higher social status are also evidenced in reports of working-class England at the turn of the century, Australian Aborigines, tribes in Melanesia and Papua (though homosexuality in some Melanesian cultures often has a ritualized, religious element[4]), New Guinea, contemporary Thailand, and Edo era Japan.[5][6] Muscarella suggested peripheralized men can establish sexually intimate social ties with sexually frustrated men of higher social standing, to partially re-gain their access to resources and potentially restoring some amount of reproductive success (and hence be adaptive behavior).[7] Pederasty in several cultures like Romans and Ancient Japan may be related to such adaptive behavior as the growing boys often lack status and can gain access to resources through a more dominant/older male.

Evidence for homocel hypothesis can also be found in mouse utopia experiments, where socially deprived rodents in extremely overpopulated environments started engaging in deviant sexual behavior, including homosexuality.

The principle of sexual frustration may be relevant to sexual deviance in general. After all, being denied access to "normal" sex, likely pushes individuals to consider alternative ways of satisfying their sexual needs. In fact, one robustly observes higher incidence rates of rape when prostitution is limited.[8]

Since autists overwhelmingly are socially excluded, have low social status and frequently experience inceldom, the homocel theory may explain why autists are 10x more likely to be homosexual,[9] or to transition to another gender, with research finding much higher rates and severity of autism among transsexuals.[10] Disabled men are also twice as likely to have an alternative sexual orientation.[11]

66% of men who were homosexual change their orientation to heterosexual five years later which might point to homocels seeing opportunities to ascend in accordance with Muscarella's alliance formation theory.[12]

Anecdotal evidence[edit | edit source]

Futanari porn[edit | edit source]

One observes a high consumption of futanari porn (females with penisses) in some forums frequented by incels such as 4chan. More anecdotal evidence manlet sex-workers who can only attract male customers and then become fetishists of cock. Incel men who become bicurious rarely become romantically interested in men, but rather their interest becomes a fetish in sexual organs and desire. Vlogger BrendioEEE has accused r9k of being a pipeline from inceldom to homosexuality through futanari and cock fetish pornography. Indeed there is a whole genre of "porn" where cropped pictures of erect penises are mashed up against faces of women to make incels associate women with cock.

Arabic countries[edit | edit source]

It is rumored that in Arabic countries, where many men are priced out of a bride due to mass societal polygyny, that homosexual acts become relatively commonplace in private among males experiencing inceldom as a coping mechanism. It is also rumored that in certain Arabic terrorist organizations men dress as women and have sex with the other men, again as a cope for having no one to love.

Getgle's video[edit | edit source]

Youtuber Getgle made a video that explained the basic gist of the homocel hypothesis, with his own bias. Warning, creepy homosexual evangelism contained therein:

References[edit | edit source]

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