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A betabux (short for beta bucks, or beta male provider) is a highly agreeable and conscientious man with a steady income who is in a relationship with a post-wall femoid (i.e. older than 30-35). The femoid sometimes has under-age kids from prior relationships. Contrary to Chad who often engages in low-investment reproductive strategy through a large partner count (pump and dump), the betabux engages in a high-investment reproductive strategy in attempts to make up for his low status.

In the modern dating landscape with women's inflated sexual market value, a conscientious beta male aged 20-30 is thought to be doomed into inceldom due to his inhibited personality, uncertain career prospects and women's economic independence. The best such a man can hope for is to end up betabuxxed to a used up foid or single mother, using his attained income as selling point.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Betabux relationships are typically abusive in that the femoid reciprocates with minimal or no sexual affection, exploiting the agreeableness of the man, and keeping him just close enough for continued investment. Some academics have proposed this behavior is innate to women, calling it a dual-mating strategy in which women secure high quality genes from an attractive male in their prime years, to then settle for a beta provider "later on in life though". Paradoxically this often comes at a greater financial cost than hiring a hooker for the beta male, but the beta male is typically too conscientious and agreeable to consider such possibilities. Since betabux males often missed out on sex during their formative years, they are often desperate, foolish and gullible when it comes to dealing with femoids. Just how misaligned this situation is with human biology of physical attraction, becomes apparent in scientific data on men's preferences for young women and women's higher rate of facial aging.


The archaetypal beta provider[edit | edit source]


Timothy is the archetypal beta provider. Timothy is a 35 year old engineer with a good career. Femoids find Timothy to be unattractive, and he was a kissless virgin until he met Jenny, who he married shortly after their relationship started. Jenny is a 36 year old single mother who already had 3 kids. Jenny used to be attractive in her teenage years and early 20s, but is no longer due to poor diet, and excessive partying and drinking during her prime years. Jenny used to spend lots of time getting fucked by dominant Chads, but none of them were willing to settle down with her because Chads have many better options than her. Jenny realized she needed to lower her standards to secure a source of income, even if that meant settling for a less attractive man. Jenny now relies on Timothy's income to maintain her lifestyle and provide for her kids. This is why she married Timothy, who is a reliable beta provider. Jenny has never told Timothy the raw truth about why she chose Timothy to settle down with. Instead, she clouds Timothy's judgement with occasional romantic gestures, as this makes it easier to keep Timothy's self-sabotaging behavior ongoing. Jenny has zero intentions of ever having children with Timothy, because she deems his genes to be inferior for her offspring.

Due to his servile mannerisms, and his enabling of golddigging, the betabux archetype is often mocked and ridiculed in manosphere circles. He is the sycophant of the dating scene. He is seen as the self-abasing, nuthugging, bootyclapping, brownie points-seeking, servile, toadyish, radfem-pleasing, butt-licking, abject obsequious semi-male lackey of the dating world.

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