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Offline dating, is practicing courtship outside online dating.

Looksmaxxing[edit | edit source]

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Music[edit | edit source]

A couple studies suggested that ability to play the guitar seemed to be particularly attractive to women.[1][2] Heavy metal and rock music were correlated with more positive female evaluations of men than classical or avant-garde music.[3][4]

Smells[edit | edit source]

A study done in 2011 showed that armpit odor pleasantness was the single attribute that consistently predicted attractiveness of nonverbal behavior.[5] In laymen's terms the better smelling the mans armpits the more attractive, his gait, as well as any other nonverbal movement, and armpit smell is the most important factor of nonverbal attractiveness, probably by halo effect. One study found pine is an objectively, generally attractive smell.[6] 3 studies found the smell of flowers to be sexually attractive to women.[7][8]

A scientific study on smoking and attractiveness showed, smokers prefer smokers and nonsmokers prefer nonsmokers, although smokers in general were rated less attractive. Physical attractiveness ratings were not influenced by status.[9]

Another study where, two hundred twenty-nine subjects watched videotapes of men and women smoking or not smoking as part of a study on first impressions. The results indicated that (a) smoking models were perceived as more sexually active than nonsmokers regardless of the subjects' smoking status; (b) smoking female models were seen as less likable, less attractive, and less healthy than nonsmoking female models, whereas no such differences emerged between smoking and nonsmoking male models; and (c) although women reported no differences in their preference to engage in intimate behavior (e.g., petting, kissing) as a function of the male model's smoking status, men preferred to engage in such intimate behaviors more with nonsmoking females than with smoking females.[10]

Clothing brands[edit | edit source]

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Displays of luxury, manipulated through brand labels on clothes, elicited different kinds of preferential treatment, which even resulted in financial benefits to people who engaged in conspicuous consumption.[11]

Resource signaling[edit | edit source]

Men’s financial resources are positively associated with compliance with men's dating requests.[12]

Car ownership[edit | edit source]

A study on car ownership and attractiveness showed that the male target model was rated as significantly more attractive on a rating scale of 1–10 when presented to female participants in the Silver Bentley Continental GT vs. the (Red Ford Fiesta ST). The luxury car, vs small family man van basically. One could argue the luxury cars greater angularity and sleekness is attractive, not the brand. However both are attractive. For example, a racecar is brandless, although is still sleek, looks fast, etc. A Lamborghini from the 1980s would most likely be a more attractiveness boosting car than a 2019 family sedan, because A. the Lamborghini has a sleeker design, and B. Lamborghini is a high status brand.[13]

Similar to the car study above, a study showed the male confederate to be rated as significantly more physically attractive standing in the luxury apartment vs the neutral apartment.[14] The results of these studies show that an expensive, fast living, high income, high spending lifestyle is the most attractive.

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