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Buttocks are attractive in both males and females. However, for whatever reason there was some Men's Health Magazine, marketing propaganda which in the tagline/title claimed the buttocks to be the most attractive male body part, which upon actually reading the article. Men's Health admitted this to being a lie. The survey was of 1000 people (not only women) and face was actually rated as the most attractive body part. Here is the actual quote from the propaganda. It's not your biceps nor is it your abs. According to a survey of 1000 people, the butt/your glutes/your hunk of junk is the body part women are most attracted to, racking up 21 per cent of the votes. OK, so the face (33 per cent) got the majority of votes – it's kind of a big deal, after all – but the main findings from this survey might change the way you hit your workout.[1]

So a man's butt is NOT the most attractive male body part, face is. Also there are extremely few comments on YouTube from women, under videos that have to do with men's butts. Especially in comparison to videos about men's faces where the comments are about even with the amount of male comments. This relationship is true, for any YouTube video about mens body from the neck down. The only data that would suggest any kind of male buttmaxxing is shaving off any butt hair in order to become more attractive to young, highly fertile women, during peak ovulation.[2]

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