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Overgaming, in PUA, is when men try so hard to not seem needy or desperate that they go too far in the other direction.

Example[edit | edit source]

The original concept of overgaming was that it would be, for example, overgaming to neg 6/10 girls. The idea behind the neg is to stand out by being the one guy who makes a backhanded compliment to a 9/10 rather than worshiping her; but if the 6/10 is already used to being insulted based on her looks, she wouldn't take the neg the same way a 9/10 might.

This logic might not apply in the case of a modern 6/10 girl who has received significant amounts of attention and validation via social media, to the point that her ego has become inflated; but it could still apply in rare cases to a more sheltered girl who has not had the experience of having a lot of orbiters.

In incel Discord servers that allow femoids, one will often see men calling 6/10 girls "cunts" and such, in their eagerness to not seem like beta orbiters.

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